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Why penises are blind

From this site:

I am a 25 year old woman who has never given birth. My intention with this project was to better understand my cycle and the changes in my cervix throughout the month. As a doula and student midwife, I used this project to help me see how a cervix might look different throughout the cycle in the absence of vaginal infections and to understand speculum exams. You may notice on the right side of some photos, some jagged looking skin, which is the remnants of my hymenal ring. My os (opening to the cervix) is round because I have never given birth; the os becomes more of a slit after childbirth.

Each photo was taken at approx 10:00 pm every day starting the first day of my menstrual cycle. I re-used a plastic speculum (order one here) and macro function of normal digital camera (and a very talented boyfriend with a headlamp). For the duration of this project, we used condoms as our birth control method so as not to introduce semenal fluid into the photoshoot.

Click my horrified expression to see Day 1 in this photo series. Then click here to go see all of them. I’m assuming there are around thirty, but I stopped scrolling after Day 10 or 11.


That’s it. Now I’m definitely never sticking my head in there.

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69 Replies to “Why penises are blind”

  1. Stephanie

    Holy shit.

    I have that in me?

    You should have kept scrolling down, somewhere there was a couple pics of someones fingers with fluid/stringy stuff showing how slimey it was.


    This is just another reason I have penis envy. This is sure to make Britt insane. :banghead:

  2. TSM_Oregon

    Not that you’re ready to get all up in mah bizniss, but I found it particularly interesting given my VERY irregular cycle.

    Ok. I think it’s time to step away from the computer. I just talked about my irregular cycle on AVITABLE’s blog. :loser:

  3. SingleParentDad

    When I read ‘cervix cycle’ I expected to see a tiny BMX that had been developed to exercise lady gardens. I was very disappointed, and a little sick. Mind, being present for a 3rd degree tear during a ventose child delivery is much worse. I did not take pictures of the damage.

  4. Avitable

    Ashleigh, haha – you have one of those inside of you.

    BE Earl, I wonder if anyone is a cervix man?

    Amanda, just imagine after you’ve had a kid!

    Redneck Mommy, oh, yours doesn’t look like that! I’m sure yours is nice and tastefully decorated.

    Lynn, I think I did last night.

    Stephanie, oh, I skipped towards the end and saw some of those too. *shudder*

    BPR, fucking weirdo.

    Mik, oh, it popped up on one of those linkfarm sites like Fark.com that I frequent.

    Jozet, you’re on! Now I just need to find a photographer . . .

    Sarah, oh, this is nothing. 🙂

    TSM Oregon, fucking weirdo!

    Hello, my blog is education AND fun.

    DB, pussy.

    Lynda, I just putter around the internet and voila!

    BorysSNORC, I described exactly what it was in the post, so if you clicked, it’s all your own fault!

    DaDuck, exactly.

    Grant, that wasn’t a Japanese girl’s cervix, though.

    SPD, I think it’s the close-up pictures that are the worst.

    Faiqa, it should be cervices, right? I was actually wondering that, too. We are both nerds.

    Maria, oh yay!

    S, I don’t think any time to look at it is a good time.

    Ed, especially before you eat your jelly glazed doughnut, too.

    TJ from Keene, it wasn’t from a search, just from a site called Fazed.net that comes up with interesting links.

    Stacey, you might learn something!

    Dr. Zibbs, well, you see. Men have penises and women have vaginas. And also, women have creepy Sarlacc pit looking things that will chew up your penis if you put it in the vagina.

  5. Greeneyezz

    If you think about it, if there was a camera in *any* bodily function, whether it be your kidneys, Intenstinal tract or your colon, it would ALL look very shocking, so seeing the cervix would be no different.

    I am actually more shocked by the video you posted along with that!


    I really am speechless.


  6. Karen Sugarpants

    Men everywhere suddenly stop calling their penises “one-eyed trouser snakes.”

    I find it funny this shocked you worse than 2girls1cup (which I never saw because of your commenters descriptions – bleh!). It’s biology and kinda cool.

  7. Greeneyezz

    @karensugarpants –
    Oh my! I had no idea what you were talking about so I googled it.

    I actually felt my stomach turn as I watched that.
    I can’t believe there’s actually 1) people out there that would do that, regardless of money offered and 2) that there’s actually a ‘market’ out there for stuff like that.

    And you’re absofuckinglutely right…that’s much more disturbing than the natural body function of cervical stages.



  8. ACG

    The strangest gyn exam I ever had was at this “women’s center”. The nurse practitioner doing my exam (while I am staring at the ceiling counting tiles trying to be somewhere else in my head) suddenly announces my cervix is “all pink and healthy!”. After I said “oh good”, she said “I have a hand mirror, you want to see?” When I declined, she tried to insist.


  9. Breigh (Canadutch)

    … or in their patients. Gah.

    I have to admit I’m kind of curious what mine looks like in there, but I don’t think I’d be grossed out by my own.

    I thought I’d not be bothered at all by that but after the first few photos I was wretching.

  10. Mari

    Absofuckinglutely nasty. I didn’t think it could be that bad. I was feelin all uppity and calling you a puss – now I’m feelin a little sick and (a lot) horrified. Sweet baby Jesus, was that cottage cheese?
    *shudders quietly in the corner*

  11. Poppy

    This post resulted in me and Dawg having a lengthy discussion about certifications.

    Last night Kevin Smith talked about humans-having-sex-with-animals videos and I smacked Dawg on the arm because I was thinking of all the videos you’ve posted of human-animal porn.

  12. baseballmom

    Uh, GROSS! What freaks me out a little is that she had her boyfriend photograph this, and told about her ‘vigorous intercourse’-was this some sort of backwards foreplay for them or something? The possibilities are endless.

  13. Avitable

    Marty, congratulations. You have reached the end of the internet.

    Greeneyezz, that other video was fake.

    Turnbaby, it would turn your hair gray(er)!

    Karen, two girls 1 cup was biology too.

    MonsterMash, I now, right?

    Beth, hahahah!

    ACG, she tried to insist? What a weirdo!

    Sybil, I’m not confused. It was horrible.

    Jay, just a bit?

    NYCWD, those were dog vagina photos. Better?

    LMSS, breakfast and this post don’t mix.

    Britt, that was even on your second look!

    Metalmom, not a beautiful thing?

    RebTurtle, yup.

    Breigh, didn’t I tell you? That was yours. Surprise!

    Mari, hahahaha – I can handle most things, but that just got horrifying.

    Lexi, I agree.

    Carolina, see?

    Heather, cool? Weirdo.

    Poppy, Kevin Smith and I would get along fine, I think.

    BaseballMom, I’m not even sure what he gets out of the whole thing.

    SciFi Dad, sick, sick man.

    Katie, fun, eh?

    Elizabeth, you should check it out anyways!

    Suebob, anytime. Happy to be of assistance.

    Kris, dressing up is always nice.

    Robin, yup!

  14. whall

    I am so happy right now.

    Thank you.

    My happiness has embiggened itself from the fact that I have grown up as a human being. I have evolved from the slime and gook of the ocean floor and have become the man I wanted to be.

    I am.

    I am the man.

    I am the man who can resist the temptation to click on anything Avitable throws at me.

    I am complete.

  15. Avitable

    TrishK, I think you might lose money on that one!

    Angie, you’re welcome.

    Hannah, I agree.

    Craig, seconded!

    TC, yeah, it definitely got worse as the page scrolled down.

    Whall, you might say “complete”. I say “pussy”.

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