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Music Review: The Receders “One Night Stand”

The Receders

A couple of weeks ago, Jeff from View from the Cloud posted about his band, The Receders, having a CD being released. I’m always looking for new music so I plunked down the reasonable $12.00 (right here through the handy order form) for their debut album, “One Night Stand,” and sat by my mailbox, breathless with anticipation. A week later, it arrived, and about three hours ago I stuck it into my iTunes and started listening to it. And I’ve listened to it three times so far.

Jeff and his band have put together a clean, professional, studio quality CD that is catchy and has a timeless quality to it. It’s hard to pick out the influences, but to my very untrained ear, it sounded like a mix between Dire Straits, They Might Be Giants, ZZ Top, Chuck Berry, and maybe some Blues Traveler. As someone who has an eclectic taste in music, from Britney Spears to Nine Inch Nails, I really appreciated the diverse styles that are prevalent with each subsequent track.

These guys obviously know how to play, from the harmonica to the guitar to the drums and keyboard. They’re clearly skilled musicians writing and playing very clean, sharp, tight music. I think that it would be nice to hear what happens when they let their (figurative) hair down, let loose, and play by the seat of their pants. Maybe for their sophomore album.

So, if you’re on the hunt for some new music and want to support a blogger at the same time, go pick up Jeff’s band’s CD.

(Disclosure: This was not a paid review nor was I asked to review this CD. I purchased it, listened to it, and wrote this review of my own volition, and it is my unadulterated opinion.)

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12 Replies to “Music Review: The Receders “One Night Stand””

  1. Jeff

    Thanks Avitable… I’m extremely flattered by your review. Your opinion means a lot to me. Other influences you might catch… a little Bob Seger, Hall and Oats, Guess Who and maybe a little Eagles tossed in for good measure(yes, I’m old school). Thanks again, glad you liked it!

  2. NYCWD

    I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but the first thing I thought was “CD? Who the hell listens to CDs anymore?? No iTunes???” Then I realized it was an Indie release.

    I can get behind that, and with your glowing review I will now await my CD in the mail with bated breath. However, if it turns out to be one of those crazy Boom Chicka Boom Boom soundtracks, I will be greatly disappointed and will blame you.

    I also think it’s a really sad fact that you had to make that final disclaimer at the bottom. But that’s a conversation for another time.

  3. Avitable

    Moosh, isn’t that implied?

    Jeff, were my other influences at all on the mark?

    NYCWD, well, I made the disclaimer kind of as a joke, but also figured I’d let people know at the same time.

    Dave2, well, it does violate the Ten Uncommandments.

    Sybil, I was going to post samples but thought they wouldn’t appreciate it, and now Jeff showed that they have them on their website.

    Crystal, I know you’re normally into gangsta rap, but maybe you’ll like this too.

    Jeff, thanks for the link to the samples.

    Whall, exactly how I feel.

    Diesel, the Eagles was an influence I almost mentioned. It’s funny how different people can hear such varied things in a song.

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