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The one where I get shot

I spent the last three solid days cleaning out my office. I emptied the equivalent of 10 40-gallon trash bags worth of trash out of my office. I found receipts from five years ago buried under 6 inches of dust. I got dust in every orifice. I moved furniture, cleaned, and worked until 2 in the morning every night. Since I get up between 6-7 every day, I’m running on fumes. I plan on doing a video tour of my newly clean office at some point, but not today. It’s 7:30 on Tuesday night, and I’m going to bed.

In other Avita-news, tonight at 9 PM is another new episode of “Clearly, You’re Retarded”!

Tonight’s topic: The military. Are they fighting for our freedom and our American way? Are they just pursuing an imperialist agenda? Should the military be honored more than our police, firefighters, and EMTs?

If you listen live, you can join everyone in the chatroom where there is usually a lively discussion going on that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. You can create an account at Talkshoe and download the Talkshoe Pro software or just listen as a guest. I recommend downloading the Talkshoe Pro software because even though it still has problems, it seems like the problems are more minimal with it. Hope to see you there!

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53 Replies to “The one where I get shot”

  1. hello haha narf

    wow, i’m proud of you. my entire house is a diaster and i am so not motivated. i am totally curious as to how you actually were able to part with stuff. while i know you needed to throw away a bunch of stuff, 10 bags is a lot. sounds like you pitched some of your treasures and i struggle with that.

    • Avitable

      @hello haha narf, I just realized that keeping something just because someone gave it to me five years ago might not be the best reason. Unless I have some significant emotional attachment to it, it’s getting tossed.

        • Clown

          @Avitable, Yuh-huh I was being serious, you asshole head! You’ve taken it too far. Expect to be spending a lot of time at 175 Newburyport Ave in the near future. You wont be getting cell signal though, because you will be in a cell!

          A jail cell!

          In case that was too cryptic for you… I’m calling the police on you and telling them you are threatening this country and you are going to spend the rest of your life in jail!

  2. whall

    Good job with the Spring Cleaning.

    When there are >100,000 dead firefighters, emts and domestic service people overseas, then we can start comparisons of honor with soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen. The commitment made by the military is much more serious than serive people.

  3. Glenda

    Can’t wait to see your office all cleaned out!

    I’m trying my hardest not to feed into your latest question..just because it doesn’t serve me very well. It’s too close to home and would upset me more than anything.

      • Glenda


        Then that’s me! Your opinion in itself lacks respect. Regardless of what you believe, the men and women serving in the military have noble intentions. When you strip things down, sure you can see an imperialist nature, but there is also a lot of good. Soldiers now days take so many classes just learning the culture so they don’t inadvertently step on any toes. They are trying to build functioning relationships that will hopefully benefit our country in the future. The “war machine” might be imperialistic, but that shouldn’t reflect on the soldiers who are doing their duty. A discussion about who deserves more or less, seems pointless to me. They should all be honored for their part, and I think most people do just that.

  4. cat

    That’s great, Avitable. As they say on Oprah, “Clutter costs!” When I deep-cleaned my room and drawers a few months ago, I found old gift certificates that were about to expire and coins and receipts I could have written off on my taxes. It really motivated me to remain clutter-free.

  5. Nanna

    Come to my house! It could use a reworking with a few 40 gallon black trash bags!!!

    And thank you for recognizing the service of police, firefighters, and EMTs. ๐Ÿ™‚ They really do put their lives on the line also, on a daily basis, and many of them on a volunteer basis.

  6. B.E. Earl

    I think you can argue against what the government is doing with our military, but to demean the military itself (and the men and women serving)? I dunno.

    I may have to listen in tonight. Lost is done for the year anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Lin

    Just a thought… I love EMS, Firefighter, police. And yes, I’m an Army wife. Absolutely we should honor military more. Why? Because EMS, FIREFIGHTER, POLITE won’t be guarding your front door when someone comes to tell you that you can’t spew words of controversy. It’s our men and women that fight for your right of FREE SPEECH which you so liberally use. You relish your freedom of speech. My husband doesn’t get to CHOOSE where he goes to fight. He volunteered for the Army. Yes, he gets a paycheck. However, he doesn’t get to CHOOSE where he goes to fight. Or what he gets to fight for. He can’t say “I’ll sit this war out, I don’t agree.” He may not agree with what you say — he’s read your blog at my insistence the other day. He wasn’t offended. He reminded me again, as he has to do from time to time… He trains to fight and goes to fight and stands ready to fight for people’s religion, people’s right to speech, etc. Even if he doesn’t agree or feel the same way. Again, it’s not his choice to decide.

    • Avitable

      @Lin, and tonight’s radio show will be discussing whether or not the military is still fighting for our right to free speech or not, among other issues. I don’t think it has been since after World War II.

  8. muskrat

    I wish I had been able to get onto the call sooner, as by the time I got on there, the conversation was no longer addressing what I assume was the initial topic about imperialism v. protecting. I think that would’ve been an interesting debate.

    While I don’t think we’re imperialistic at all, as we’re taking no natural resources and aren’t deriving any benefit from the last few wars we’ve started other than trying to stop what we perceive as being aggression from an evil dictator, I don’t think we’re protecting our freedoms necessarily, either, post WWII.

  9. Ghost of Keywork

    We have an all volunteer military. I don’t always agree with the way our government uses our service members, but a lot of it is posturing. While the boys may not be in the trenches, their presence does protect our rights. Take the military away and I guarantee you’ll be learning to speak a new language.

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