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My review of Bruno (spoiler-free)


Do you think people suck? Do you already have a pessimistic outlook on how low humanity has sunk? Do you know that there are people in the world who have no morals and should probably just be buried in a ditch?

If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, Bruno is the movie for you. It puts multiple faces on the ugliness of humanity, exposed by Sacha Baron Cohen’s flamboyantly stereotyped Bruno, and it’s hilarious.

If, however, you still have hope in your heart that people are inherently good, this movie may make you question your outlook on life. It may make you sad and cry. It will also make you laugh, but there will be moments where you will literally recoil in horror at the things that real people do and say.

Bruno was hysterically funny for me and improved upon the concept of the quite-funny Borat. It’s irreverent, it’s shocking, it’s gross, and it’s very very real. With no filter on what humanity can be like when exposed to the light of day, Bruno moves from uncomfortable laughter at prejudice, child endangerment, and hate to side-splitting laughter at pushing the envelope, shock humor, and penises. I will definitely be buying it on Blu Ray to see what bits, interviews, and horrors were left on the cutting room floor.

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66 Replies to “My review of Bruno (spoiler-free)”

  1. Breigh

    I don’t think I’m going to see this one. I am a HUGE fan of Ali G but when I saw Borat in the theater I thought I was going to claw my own eyeballs out if I didn’t get out of there soon. His short shows are great, but movie length is more than I can stand.

  2. CP

    Saw it tonight. Very few people really get the message behind the Borat/Bruno movies. Taken at face value, yeah…it’s funny. But if you cut through the crazy character and listen to the insane things that people say and do, the utter ignorance. *shakes my head* I think that Sacha Baron Cohen should be a UN Diplomat.

    And his movies should be required watching in all high schools.

  3. kim

    People are idiots. The 5% of us that are actually smart enough to sport DNA properly are few and far between.

    I thought I had seen it all when I was the po-po. Nahhhhh, that’s nothing compared to what I’ve seen in retail.

    I’m ready to see this movie, I think I would enjoy it immensely. With lots of snarky comments along the way….thanks for the review !!

  4. Sassy

    My grown sons just came home from seeing this… they thought it was funny, but as you said, they were also were shocked at what real people say and do. I was supposed to go with them, but I figured I’d let them spend their $12.50 FIRST and then if it was worth it, I’d go spend mine. I’m a great mom like that. 😉

  5. Miss Britt

    “If, however, you still have hope in your heart that people are inherently good, this movie may make you question your outlook on life. It may make you sad and cry. It will also make you laugh, but there will be moments where you will literally recoil in horror at the things that real people do and say.”

    It’s not that I was unaware. It’s that I don’t think that part of humanity is funny.

        • Avitable

          @Miss Britt, it’s funny because it’s nice to see that type of idiocy and ignorance being brought to light. And why would the movies do any favors for the gay community? It’s a comedy, not activism. It put more of a face on the rampant homophobia and prejudice that exists in America, so that could prove to create more dialogue, which is only a good thing.

          • Miss Britt

            @Avitable, let me clarify.

            By “didn’t do any favors” I mean “perpetuated harmful stereotypes”.

            There’s a difference between not being activism and encouraging bigotry.

            Which is ironic since, ya know, it was all about “ignorance being brought to light”.

          • Avitable

            @Miss Britt, how did it encourage bigotry? By having men kiss in front of a crowd of ignorant rednecks? They’re going to be bigoted with or without the confrontation of that which they fear the most.

          • Miss Britt

            @Avitable, noooooooooo…

            How about the main character depicting a gay man with no emotional depth, an inability to safely raise a child, and an obsession with jamming anything he can into his ass?

  6. Jay

    Well I have a pretty low opinion of humanity and think that most people are pretty shitty. So, I would probably like this movie. I don’t think I’ll see it at the theaters, although I’m considering doing. I’m actually surprised that it’s being shown here. Usually movies like this get banned in my little town. I’ll probably wait for the DVD.

  7. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    I guess now I *have* to see it now that my second and third favorite men have decreed that it is awesome. I wasn’t that impressed with Borat but I’m all about ignorance being touted into a top grossing comedic film so I should like Bruno. I’d rather see it at home so that it won’t be as embarrassing when I undoubtedly pee my pants. But I don’t want my kids seeing this so yeah, to the movies I go. If I have time. And money.

  8. B.E. Earl

    There is zero chance of me seeing this. I can’t stand Borat or Bruno. I can understand why some folks dig Sacha Baron Cohen, but he has never, ever made me laugh.

    I had the same problem with Andy Kaufman back in the day. These guys that always stayed in character. I dunno. Doesn’t tickle my funny bone.

  9. mountainmomma18

    I have to say I have never really been an Ali G fan and did not see the point in Borat as people like Carlos Mencia and David Chapell do it better. Then last week I saw part of Borat and laughed my ass off. I will probably not get to the theatre for this, we don’t get to go much with a small child, but I will check it out on DVD.

  10. Hilly

    I don’t think I came out of the movie all sad or angry about the dumb people in this world. I came out disgusted with people, yes however…I also love the way Sacha can bring humor to what is essentially a huge social studies project.

  11. Julie

    I had never heard of Sascha Cohen (already forgot his middle name, yeesh!) or Ali G before I saw Borat. And I just about squeezed me out a pickle laughing during that flick. I loved it. I’ve always known that my twisted dark sarcastic caustic wit was not your usual run of the mill female type, but so what? I love my sense of humor. So what if you don’t.

    I knew when I heard that Sascha made another funny ha ha movie that I was going to go see it. I thought I’d even see it with my 16 yr old and my 19 yr old (son’s, thank God). But, they already got the thumbs down from their friends who saw it the night it came out, so it looks like I’m going stag. I could care less what viewpoint other people have about this guy, and his movies, if I want to laugh, I’m going to pay my $$ and laugh gall darn it. Shoosh.

    Is it any coincidence that Borat and Bruno both start with B’s, and have 5 letters?

  12. Nina

    Maybe I’ll see it tomorrow after I finish all I the work I didn’t do yesterday. Oh and just by the way, I read your post about your new hotness and I just want to say you have always been super hot. Pounds or no pounds. Smart people are hot. Period.

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