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MomDot Marketing Fail

Thanks to the anonymous blogger with the huge tits for bringing this to my attention.

Here’s the front page of as of 11:53 PM EST:


Notice anything interesting? Let’s take a closer look:


There are only three possible ways this could have happened:

1. In the interest of capitalizing on the trend to insert feminine words into already existing words, such as BlogHer, herstory, hersterectomy, hersteria, womanhole cover, and womanagement, the marketing genius chose to write “grocHERies” to indicate that shopping for food supplies is obviously something that belongs to women, and this would empower women further.

2. MomDot’s advertising designer is a Nicaraguan man named Felipe who has a problem with the concept of the “ce” and “se” sounds, as evidenced by his constant request for women to have “the chex” with him and his worry about being laid off because of the “rechesshion”.

3. Someone over there is pretty fucking stupid.

It’s sites like this and Shitfully Domestic that make me weep for humanity. Some person or a group of people think that because they’ve been on the internet for many years and maybe took a class in advertising at some community fucking college that they can run an online business. And since the Internet is filled with sheep, the sites get traffic and the owners get egos and think that they actually do have some type of marketable ability.

But then they do something like MomDot, where they insult independent women by telling them to ask permission to buy a vacuum cleaner without checking the best vacuum reviews or the best local pricing, or have a misspelling of one of the easiest words in the English language no less than THREE times on their front page. Or in BD’s case, they have an editorial policy that prohibits their authors from writing anything that might be critical of husbands, and they expect so much from their editors and writers even if they don’t pay them a cent, while the owner makes money hand over fist through advertising. And eventually the world sours on them and realizes that these sites are being run by a bunch of airheaded fucking morons who don’t deserve to run their goddamn household, much less any type of online endeavor.

And this is why even though I have many problems with BlogHer having draconian policies, supporting censorship, ignoring a large portion of women bloggers, and being way too conservative for an online community, they stand head and shoulders above the rest with their professionalism, intelligence, and integrity. Now if only they’d redo their fucking website.

Why doesn’t the world just listen to me and do what I say? Everyone knows we’d be better off.

In other Avita-news, for those of you wondering about “Clearly, You’re Retarded”, don’t worry. The show is still around, but we’re just taking a hiatus for the summer. We’ll be coming back in the fall with new topics, maybe a tweaked format, and new episodes every week!

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141 Replies to “MomDot Marketing Fail”

    • Angel Smith

      @Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing],
      I write “alot”, but not because I don’t KNOW it’s two words. I’m just lazy and it saves me a keystroke. I have better things to be stroking. ;-P

      But what about the phrase, (ever so common in Florida), “I could care less”. Logically, that’s stupid. And accept/except. And “supposibly” though that’s more often said than written. Which brings up then/than.

  1. Hilly

    Grocheries? Are you fucking kidding me? How many people have seen that site and haven’t even said something to their webmaster? Yikes.

    Even though I know people that still write for Blissfully Domestic, I refuse to read any of those blogs. How antiquated, moronic and naive to expect people to write something dishonest because basically, when you are asking women to frame their lives a certain way? You’re actually taking AWAY from their femininity and woman power.

  2. Robin

    This frightens me, a lot. I’m not the best speller but I at least usually can tell when something is obviously spelled wrong. This is just blatant. I wish people would check their spelling more, just because it’s all online doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still check it.

    (I did spellcheck this btw)

    • Avitable

      @Robin, if you’re going to do something professionally, especially involving writing, you should probably try using spell check. Or maybe someone who speaks English and has above a 6th grade education!

  3. anonymous

    You is obviously a barbarian and do not understand subtle humor. Perhaps if MomDot were lowbrown and stupid like you it be to you level. Just because they it has readers more than you do mean you are better. Mom with Hitler in car that is what you want to see lol. How about you stay to minding your business.

  4. cristina

    Thanks a lot. Now I’m going to be telling everyone I’m going Grow-Cher-EEEE shopping from now on.

    I have to believe that it’s not BlogHer related. Otherwise it should have been GrocHerie Shopping. Right?? Right. I LOVE “rechession” by the way. I’ve been annoying the dog with it all morning.

  5. Finn

    I quit Blissfully Domestic after that whole husband thing. It really annoyed me.

    I hate “mommy” site or “women’s” sites because all they talk about is groceries, clothes, makeup and kids. Blech. There’s more to my life than that. Although I do enjoy clothes and makeup…

  6. Miss Britt

    Hm. It’s not misspelled on the actual page for the contest.

    I actually don’t have a problem with MomDot or BlogHer. Probably because I have a lot of respect for the people behind them who I’ve interacted with. (@ElisaC on twitter kind of makes me want to swear my allegiance to her and WHATEVER she’s behind. She’s incredible.)

    I think it’s a bit of a stretch to make all of these assumptions based on a spelling error. Of course, I’m probably biased because I make them all the time.

    Ultimately though, if it gets traffic and makes money – it IS marketable. It’s frustrating, sure, to see the shit that people respond to. It’s even MORE frustrating when you see people respond to insincere, manipulative bullshit.

    But really, I think you’re just mad that you don’t have a vagina.


    • Avitable

      @Miss Britt, the assumptions I made was that either it was intentional or it was a mistake. Either way, my opinion is that it’s stupid. And if you were running a site that purported to give tips to people on blogging, writing, and being a mom, you’d make sure that there weren’t misspellings on campaigns on your front page.

      • trisha

        @Avitable, i just wanted to correct that I don’t run a site tips on writing. I only host and other people submit the articles. Its simply a platform. I push a button that approves an article, I don’t actually write them. I let great articles and shitty articles through alike.

        I am not a professional, I don’t run a business, and to be perfectly honest, I just don’t truly care. If its justified, I’m generally content.

        Call it laziness. I suck. What more do you want? At least I admit it.

  7. Lyndsey

    I was on a mommy message board with the head honcho, “queen bee” of MomDot for YEARS. The chick is crazy. Seriously. She’s nuts. It never ceases to amaze me how many people kiss her butt on a regular basis. But, she really goes through the internet friends, because at one point or another she goes batshit freaking nuts and those friends run away screaming.

    Also, the grocery spelling is nothing new and she is not doing it to be cute. She has ALWAYS spelled it like that. She just isn’t all that bright.

  8. Grant

    It sounds like a combination of the words “groceries” and “crotch”. I’ve read that in China, they sell dildos as impulse buy items in grocery stores. Maybe they’re talking about stuff like that.

  9. martymankins

    These are the kinds of post that everyone should pay attention to. You make some really good points about all of these mommy bloggers. Now I’m sure there’s some good intentions out there and that’s going to be the case with anything. But it seems like the whole BlogHer has grown so large, that it’s the Wal-Mart of what was only supposed to be a local grocer.

    I can’t wait to see ads for alcHERhol and diapHERs.

  10. A-mom-ynous

    I put the mom in anonymous! (OK it’s less funny typed than in my head)

    I blame you that groceries will come out with a French accent whenever I say it from now on. Grow mon cheries, grow!

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read all week. Comments included.

      • MommyTime

        @Avitable, But at least the second-language speakers have an excuse since English isn’t their native language. *waving to mountainmomma18 from one English Prof to another* because I also get papers from students containing errors that would make your hair stand on end. But my real pet peeve is websites offering editing services that have pages full of grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Nice.

  11. Nancy

    Yes she truly does spell it that way anytime she “types” it! Very annoying! But the self appointed queen bee is all knowing didn’t you know that? I mean she is edumacated!!! LOL thanks so much for the laugh YOU made my day!

  12. Lawyer Mama

    Just thought you’d like to know that I clicked over to MomDot (I couldn’t help myself) and “grocheries” is still there! But there’s more than a misspelling. The box says “Win a $500 in grocheries from MomDot.” Looks like they need grammar check too.

  13. Shan @Last Shreds Of Sanity

    You’re a fucking idiot!

    Before you go calling MomDot admins airheads, why don’t you talk to one of them, first?

    Yeah, I’m a member of I guess I should be glad you didn’t write about the controversy, huh?

    But, Blissfully Domestic does bug the shit out of me. Along with that Pioneer chick.

    • Avitable

      @Shan @Last Shreds Of Sanity, why would I talk to one of them? They have a blatant error all over their front page. So either someone there is a fucking moron or it was on purpose – in either situation, they’re fucking stupid.

      What controversy? The stupid PR blackout thing? It amuses me to hear people whine about how upset they are trying to keep up their Alexa ranking or Technorati ranking. Fucking bunch of losers. Blog because you want to – don’t blog because you want to make money.

  14. The Mother

    As the blogger who broke “husband-gate” over at BD (only shortly after I began blogging, mind you), I can tell you that I have learned a few things in the last six months.

    I have learned that there are a lot of truly talented mom-writers out there.

    But I have learned that there are a lot more women out there who truly shouldn’t be writing. Some of that is just lack of talent, which is excusable. But SO much is lack of knowledge.

    When I taught debate and rhetoric, I had two rules: 1) Know your subject. 2) See #1; be prepared to back it up.

    Way too many mom bloggers just talk. They don’t really understand the subject. This is especially true about medical issues, my own personal pet peeve. Spreading misinformation, hype and woo does your readers a disservice. DON’T.

    Rant over. I return you to MomDot bashing.

  15. Maria

    Oh, Blissfully Domestic. That’s just shit. IT’S SHIT.
    Worst site in existence and the epitome with everything wrong in the blog world.

    I don’t know much about except I was on a list last year and I TOTALLY Should have been #1, but I wasn’t. Bah. And that this blackout thing is dumb.

  16. Miss

    But I thought sites like this and BD were supposed to teach me how to be a good wife? I didn’t do it right the first time.

    I guess my idea of consistant blow jobs is WRONG.

    • Kathy


      She obviously missed it! If you look at most of her posts – they are full of spelling and grammatical errors. I don’t know why PR would want her writing about their products. And the woman is a narcissist. How many videos of her lip-syncing to Britney Spears, dancing around and how do I look in this? She seeks others approval.

      As for this PR blackout, o.m.g. she is such an attention whore and all her “followers” spend time on her site helping her build up her site and bringing her money… when she admittedly says she is too busy to go to other blogger’s blogs. She is so self-absorbed. And as for her helping bloggers – yes she does help some bloggers and she does do a blogger charity (but thousands of people donate and volunteer everyday), but she also lets everyone know about it. So even if she appears to help she is getting something out of it. More recognition and power. She really is quite sad.

      Oh, this was MomDot bashing, right? lol

        • Kathy


          If you write about it… you should include in it how she is going around saying no one listened to the blog talk radio show where she insists the idea came into fruition (she didn’t use that word, doubt she knows what it means). However, you can go back to her blog on page 4 on a post dated June 13 where she talks about be frustrated and stressed with blogging. She was already planting the seed. So she blatantly lied… the show in question where the idea was first brought up was July 11, a month earlier.

          I think she is burned out and wanted to bring a gang with her so PR wouldn’t pass her by when she took her break from blogging. She also wanted the media attention – I wonder how it got leaked to the media to begin with?

          • Del

            @Kathy, She would never lie (I am full of shit right now). She and her buddies are pitch bloggers. Ethical blogging right? I think if someone can make a whole website to TRY and legitimize their ethical standing and even make buttons, well that should be good enough. And again I am full of shit (if I dont say this Trisha make take it as I am siding with her).

            Its VERY ethical to lie, right?

    • Avitable

      @VDog, I wouldn’t read BD even if Britt wrote for it, because the page view would give Worthington money that she would then not pass onto the people who are doing all the work she won’t.

  17. Annie @ PhD in Parenting

    For your further enjoyment, here is a comment that MomDot left on my blog earlier this year:

    “the one thing i dont agree with is that this is very judgemental to those that dont fall under this particular belief. I understand the point is to be confident in your own choices, but it can come off very condicending to those that are not with these choices. We shouldnt be talking about flaunting ANY choice, its personal and thats it.

    I agree to be confident in who you are and why you feel that way, you dont owe anyone an explanation, but I resent the whole “your a carrier not a stroller” kinda mentality.

    Whatever you are, you are a parent and we all do our best



  18. NYCWD

    There was Mommy Blogger drama.

    And I missed it.

    This is what I get for having my head crammed in reports and boring ass texts all week.

    Isn’t this the same site that declared a “PR Blackout” for a week or something?

    Hypocrites as usual.

  19. K-Ron

    And this is one their site now as a blog:

    Spelling Matters
    Written by Christy aka The Write Gal on Monday, 13 July 2009 00:00

    If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, it is imperative that your spelling be flawless. How can you expect a company to allow you to review their product if your spelling is downright sloppy? Not only does it make you look bad, it can be a bad reflection on the company. Here are some tips to make sure your writing is error-free:

    * Print your text- It is easier to catch errors on the written page rather than the screen. Copy all of your text (Control + C) and manually paste it (Control + V) into a standard word-processing program like Microsoft Word which will allow you to easily print. That way you will be able to more easily detect errors and take advantage of the software’s spell check program. Just remember that spell check is not foolproof so it is still a good idea to consult an online dictionary such as Merriam-Webster.
    * Read your text backwards – If you read your text backwards your eye will focus on the individual words rather than the sentence structure. This will help you catch spelling errors you might have missed the first time.
    * Put some distance in between your writing and editing – If you allow some time in between your writing and editing it will enable you to look at your writing with a fresh eye.
    * Let someone else read it for you – Two sets of eyes are better than one! Have a friend or family member review your draft for possible errors.

    Happy Writing!
    By Christy aka The Write Gal

  20. trisha

    I have been trying to figure out why everyone on MD is calling Kim (the tech adviser) Felipe for the past week and now I see.

    It was like a big joke I was left out of….I was starting to feel left out of the joke. For the record, I hated college, failed math, and got out after 5 years, grateful to never go back. I have zero advertising experience and do not run a company.
    Just a site that consists of people submitting whatever articles they want and no, I do not edit and I dont differentiate between your and you’re. I have way too much to do then that. Like kick my cats.

    Thanks for the mention!


  21. trisha

    And its not that I cant spell. Its that i cant tpe worthh a shit. All those pictures of “me” I stole from google images. Im really a bald chinese guy with fat fingers.

    Im off to fire Filepe. Bastard.


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