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My review of The Time Traveler’s Wife (Spoiler Free)

Eric Bana notices a booger.
Eric Bana notices a booger.
Make no mistake about this film. It is a chick flick. It’s a love story with science fiction elements. It’s like if you took Steel Magnolias and made Julia Roberts’s character a cyborg with laser beam eyes. Yeah, it’s fucking cool, but don’t expect her to go all flash fry killer robot on anyone.

Even though it was pointed directly at the female audience, I really enjoyed the movie. Eric Bana’s Henry and Rachel McAdams’s Clare have genuine feeling chemistry when the moment is right and have that sense of awkwardness when the moment isn’t. As far as a love story and romantic movie go, it’s clever and unique. It never felt really cliched or obvious (like in The Ugly Truth), and even the tearjerker moments weren’t telegraphed a half hour ahead of time (like in The Ugly Truth). And Eric Bana could teach The Ugly Truth’s Gerard Butler some lessons on speaking with an American accent.

This movie is sad. It’s dark. It may make you cry. And if that’s the type of movie that you’re in the mood to see, go see this. If you want a fun romcom romp through time, rent Back to the Future.

Oh, and if I have to see another preview for that fucking idiot Tyler Perry’s “I Can Do Bad All By Myself“, I may stab my eyes out. It’s unbelievable to see yet another black producer/writer/director make money by preying on stereotypes and cliched writing rather than trying to write stories about people.

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72 Replies to “My review of The Time Traveler’s Wife (Spoiler Free)”

  1. B.E. Earl

    I’m not trying to stir up shit, but have you ever seen a Tyler Perry film?

    I haven’t. I’m a little curious because he sells a ton of tickets to his demographic, but I’ve still never sat down and watched one.

  2. MidLifeMama

    Since I read the book and cried and cried, I will probably NOT see this in the theater. If I am going to pay that kind of money, I a) don’t want to know how it ends already and b) know that I will cry cry cry. But thanks for the review!

  3. MB

    I absolutely loved the book even though I was often confused trying to figure out where in time he was. I’m usually disappointed in the movies based on books but I just might go see this one. Thanks for the review.

      • MB

        @Avitable, No, it wasn’t always obvious. He would travel and end up somewhere nakid and have to figure out where the hell in time he was. Read it a couple of years ago so I’m fuzzy on the details. Maybe I should read it again before seeing the movie.

        I wish my boss took me to the movies on Friday. I’m lucky to be able to take lunch on Fridays. 😉

  4. Elisa

    I have actually been wanting to watch this. I think I might read the book first, except movies always kind of suck compared to the book. So I haven’t made up my mind yet. Which makes this comment completely pointless. I need a nap.

  5. Grant

    You’re not allowed to criticize Tyler Perry’s awful work. Roger Ebert tried to critique Diary of a Mad, Black Woman and was immediately labeled a racist pig despite his wife being black. I think he declined to review any of his other works after that. If you want to continue, you should go the whole nine yards and post a YouTube video of yourself wearing white sheets while illuminated by a burning lower-case letter t.

  6. Maria

    GODDAMN Tyler Perry.
    Can’t stand him. He makes money of his own fucking minstrel shows.
    We need to go back to the 90’s when black film was good.
    The Brothers, Soul Food, Juice, Hav Plenty, the likes of those…

    What were we talking about again?

  7. Kay

    NOT in the mood to cry publicly, so I’ll wait on this one.
    As for Tyler Perry? Aren’t all his movies the same thing? I’ve never actually sat through one, just watched a scene or two with the odd feeling that I’d watched it before.

  8. kapgar

    Look at that! Another one we agree on. It wasn’t great, but I enjoyed it and thought the chemistry between Bana and McAdams was really good. I’m assuming that you, like me, have not yet read the book?

  9. whall

    The wife really wants to see it, and I’m all for watching anything with the words “time traveler” in the title. Even if it was The Joy Time Traveler Luck Club or Time Travelling Magnolias or Beaches II – the Time Traveler’s Childhood Revisited.

  10. Clown

    The previews have looked good, but I’ll be honest… I’ve very nervous I’m going to hate it. The book was and still is one of my favorite reads ever and there is something telling me the movie is going to disappoint. I’ll see it I’m sure, but I may have to wait until it comes out on DVD so I’m not bothering anybody else if I happen to yell at the screen during inaccurate moments. I’m glad you like it though and that did at least relieve a bit of my worries.

  11. Robin

    You TOTALLY cemented why I wish Tyler Perry sucks big hairy donkey balls. Although I did like his movie “The Family Thay Preys”…but that was because it wasn’t a god damn minstrel show.

    I may see The Time Traveller’s Wife later tonight.

  12. Audrey at Barking Mad

    I had THE hardest time getting through the book a couple of years ago. I never finished it. I’m hoping the movie is every bit as good as you say it is. I typically don’t enjoy films based on books, but perhaps, because I never finished the book, and I enjoy Rachel McAdams flicks, I’ll enjoy this. Maybe.

  13. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    I loved loved loved this movie and I cried my eyes out through most of it.

    I can’t wait to see the movie but my husband is trying to get out of it because I already made him take me to see My Sister’s Keeper and he’s filled his chick flick quota for the decade I think. Luckily, my mom and sister want to see it. And they’ll bring extra tissues.

    Of course, I’ll probably wind up waiting til it’s out on DVD just because I never can find the time to go to the theater.

  14. Nenette

    I can’t watch shows that are too “emotional rollercoaster”-y. I’d be thinking about it for days, bursting into tears. I’d be a wreck.
    Give me Back to the Future any day. I did think about that one for days, but it was mainly visions of Michael J. Fox slathered in coconut oil driving the Delorean.

  15. Mocha

    I read this book 2 years ago when I went on a little trip with a friend of mine and I irritated the hell out of her by gasping as I read it and saying, “Let me read you this ONE part!” I’ve been on the fence about going to see any movies lately (fucking recession is cutting into my movie fund!) and you’re making me really sad that I haven’t seen it yet.

    We’ll have to talk about that disgrace Tyler Perry at another time. Sheesh.

  16. cat


    Maybe I left the theatre too soon. I left after 30 minutes, I was so bored. And maybe it was just me, but the whole grown man coming back to visit the little girl was a little creepy. It was supposed to be sweet, but really? Of all the times you’re drawn back, it’s the pretty pre-pubescent girl that pulls you in? What a perv. But I found Benjamin Button creepy that way, too! Yeah, probably just me.

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