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Buy This Shirt

As I said over on the blog for my huge Halloween Party (the one to which that you are all invited – go read more!), this is the second year in a row that we’ve sold T-shirts to raise money for the party. I’m going to occasionally take a post here and there to showcase each of the four shirts that we’re selling.

Today’s shirt is the one hand drawn and then amateurishly resketched in Photoshop by none other than myself. Wouldn’t you like to own a shirt that has something drawn by Avitable on it? I mean, who wouldn’t jump at that chance?

The nice thing about the site I use, Zazzle, is that you can customize any shirt for your own options. You can take the design and put it on any type of shirt, any color, and any style, and they’ll make it custom just for you, at no additional cost! Click the design below to purchase your shirt now.


If you want to browse the other shirts, you can view the entire Halloween 2009 run here.

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19 Replies to “Buy This Shirt”

  1. Dave2

    Does the purple blobby alien have fire breath or some other kind of devastating weapon I’m not seeing? Because I’m trying to figure out why you surrendered so quickly! Are you afraid of the color purple maybe?

  2. Poppy

    I love the heart-shaped chest hair and the double-surrender flag that is perhaps supposed to just be a wave to it and the Star Wars font.

    I bought Dave2’s shirt, but you never know if I’ll buy this one too. 😉

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