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My Interview with Henry Gibson

henry-gibsonThe diminutive actor Henry Gibson died last night at age 73. Of course, I jumped on the chance to interview him after he passed.

Me: So, Mr. Gibson, you played the neo-Nazi leader in Blues Brothers, right?

HG: That is correct. It was very fun working with Dan Aykroyd and the late John Belushi.

Me: Out of your entire repertoire, what was your favorite role?

HG: Well, I’d have to say-

Kanye West storms in, pushes Henry Gibson down and says: Yo, this is nice and all, but I just gotta say that Beyonce’s death will be the best, most amazing death of the year. This old white dude has lived his long-ass life and is old as shit, but when Beyonce dies, it will be off the muthafuckin’ hook!

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58 Replies to “My Interview with Henry Gibson”

  1. lceel

    Maybe, if we get lucky, he will have pissed off Henry Gibson and gotten a bayonet shoved up his ass. Man. That dude just irritates the shit out of me. I want to take my Wahl razor and shave his pointy head free of all those idiot designs he has sculpted into his hair. yeah – I would like to do a Brazilian on his scalp. I was going to say ‘head’ but I know you and that would just be too much ammunition.

  2. JD at I Do Things

    Oh, Kanye. Is there nothing you will NOT interrupt? Yesterday I was trying to enjoy a nice platter of sushi, and Kanye busts in, all: “Yo JD, I’m really happy for you, and I’m a let you finish, but Gayfish makes the best sushi of all time.” And I was all, “Day-um, you’re RIGHT!”

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