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Halloween Party Recap Part 1

(cross-posted to the Halloween blog)

I wish I was able to write a full recap of the party the day after it happened, but that would require preparation, motivation, and finished photos, none of which I currently possess.

If you had your photo taken in the studio, those should be done and up within the week. I’ll post them here and on the Halloween blog.

If you have photos of your own, there is a Flickr group all set up – just upload your pics and add them to the group!

Before I write anything, I wanted to thank some people. First and foremost, thank you to James, aka Clown. He invested just as much time and energy into this party as I did. He spent hours on the computer working with the photos and creating the two videos that were at the party (I’ll go into more detail with regards to those in a later post). James and I alone couldn’t have done everything, though. If it hadn’t been for the hours of effort by some amazing friends, none of this would have happened on time or even at all. Thank you so much to Jess, Todd, Baby James, and Hilly for putting in so much effort over the last few months. More thanks go out to Marc, Eric, Dave and Carolina for helping out over the last couple of weeks too! And thanks to Dave (and James and Jess) for designing the T-shirts to help raise money. Am I forgetting anyone? God, I hope not. Thank you so much for all of the work you put in for no other reason other than just being good friends. I’m blessed.

I plan on posting some photos of the props and a little of the behind-the-scenes in how we made them for the two or three of you that actually care about that. And I’ll also show you what we did with the vacation photos you submitted. Not tonight, though. Tonight I just wanted to post a little by-the-numbers:

Number of tickets sold: 100
Number of attendees: 88
Number of crashers: 5
Amount of time I got to use my taser that I bought just for party crashers: 0

Guests who arrived drunk: 2
Guests who arrived high: 5
Guests who arrived naked: 0
Guests who looked naked: 1

Time the party started: 8:00
Time the first guest arrived: 7:55
Time the first guest flashed her boobs: 9:15
Time the food ran out: 11:00
Time everyone got the munchies: 1:00
Guests who passed out: 0
Guests who vomited that we know about: 0
Time the last guest left: 3:00

Real Canadians in attendance: 4
Fake Canadians in attendance: 3
Real 80s musicians in attendance: 0
Fake 80s musicians in attendance: 3
Han Solos in attendance: 2

Age of oldest attendee: 60ish
Age of youngest attendee: 15
Apparent drinking age in the country of Avitopia: 15
Number of years in prison I could have gotten: 4

Costumes related to the Invaded! theme: 15
Costumes that went the obvious “illegal alien” route: 12
Costumes that went with a Star Wars theme: 4
Costumes that went with a Star Trek theme: 3
Number of guests who dressed up like me: 1

Total hours it took to design, build and create the party: 480
Total hours it will take to break it all down: 5
Number of days before we start planning for next year: 60

Oh, and I guess that I will share a little bit about the vacation photos. We decided to turn one entire room into a war room, and the walls were going to be plastered with “alien sightings”. So all of your submitted vacation photos had aliens Photoshopped in, and as soon as I can, I’ll post them so you can download them. Here’s one to show you what I mean, though!

Original photo:


Invaded! photo:


Thanks again to everyone who attended – you were the reason it was such a huge success!

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31 Replies to “Halloween Party Recap Part 1”

  1. Paticus

    Sounds like a blast. I cannot wait to see the pics and such.
    Once again, bummed we missed it. Someday, the children will be old enough to take care of themselves, and we will make it.
    Luckily, this year there was a local party we could make it to, so the holiday was not a bust.

  2. NYCWD

    You really would have only gotten 4 years for that underage stuff?

    Avitopia should be the capital of underage inebriation with so light a penalty!

    It was a fantastic time and you guys did awesome work on the atmosphere once again. Can’t wait for more “behind the scenes of Avitaween” posts!!!

  3. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Adam, that was an awesome party and Ty-man and I had a great time. You put so much work into it and when I walked in, I was just amazed. I wish I lived near you so I could help for next year.

    Thanks for being such a wonderful host and popping my adult Halloween costume party cherry! 🙂

  4. martymankins

    I tried to arrive drunk, but even the 5-6 drinks I had before didn’t make a dent. But the 5-6 drinks I had at the party took care of it.

    The party was incredible. Thank you and to others who helped make this party a success.

  5. Karl

    Amazing time. Again. Thanks, Adam and Amy for putting on such a great party and opening your house to us crazy people. Incredible mix of people, the decorations were awesome, and the costumes were phenomenal, too.

    And I’m really glad I didn’t puke this year.

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