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Levi Johnston: Beefcake or fraud? You decide.

I was reading through my feedreader this weekend when I saw this post by my new favorite celebrity news blogger, entitled Levi Johnston’s Playgirl Photos. Curious about all the hubbub, I clicked over to check out the scans from Playgirl.

I was shocked and disappointed to discover that rather than actually ask Levi Johnston to pose nude for their magazine, Playgirl took a photo shoot that I did for them many years ago and just Photoshopped his head onto my body and removed the tattoo I have on my right arm! It’s an outrage, and I plan on writing a strongly worded letter demanding compensation.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the original:

Levi Johnston or Adam Avitable?
Levi Johnston or Adam Avitable?

(Thanks to Lynda for the photo.)

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37 Replies to “Levi Johnston: Beefcake or fraud? You decide.”

  1. Shauna

    I’m with Dawn. Adam would NEVER pass on an opportunity to jiggle his junk for the camera.


    Shit. I’m totally going to get an email photo of your balls now, aren’t I.

  2. hello haha narf

    dammit, if i have more dreams about you because of this post, you are so gonna have to pay for my therapy!

    on a side note, apparently drunk becky gave amish henry an avitable condom (yes, he really is amish) and i also apparently thought it would be funny to shove a different avitable condom in the small cubby hole in my my friend’s truck where his wife keeps her gum. lemme tell you, those condoms lead to some INTERESTING conversations…

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