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My Interview with Roy Scheider

On February 10, 2008, Roy Scheider, best known for his role of the sheriff in “Jaws”, died at the age of 75. I didn’t have a chance to interview him then, so I thought I’d use the anniversary of his passing to talk to him briefly:

Me: Roy, thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I see you brought the shark with you?

RS: We’re going to need a bigger couch.

Me: Heh. I see what you did there. Did you know that your quote, which I understand was ad-libbed, is considered one of the top 50 best movie quotes?

RS: We’re going to need bigger accolades.

Me: Well, okay. It was actually ranked #35, sorry about that. So, tell me, what’s it like after death? Do you have plenty of activities planned?

RS: We’re going to need a bigger check.

Me: Sigh. Umm, well, you’re not getting paid at all for this interview, so just be happy that anybody remembers who you are. Other than Jaws, I don’t think your movies are exactly memorable. Can you just answer the question without using the one quote that everybody knows?

RS: We’re going to need a bigger block of time.

Me: Unfortunately, we don’t have that much time left. Do you have any regrets about your body of work as an actor?

RS: We should have had bigger principles.

Me: I agree. Maybe taking every film you could get just for the paycheck wasn’t the wisest choice. I mean, people don’t even know your name – they just know you as that cranky sheriff from the shark movie. How’s that for a legacy?

RS: We’re going to need a bigger bottle of booze.

Me: Drink up, buddy. You deserve it. You and your shark.

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