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Male bloggers at BlogHer

In August, I will be attending BlogHer for my second time. Last year was a great weekend, even with the poor organization and supervision provided by some of the people who run it (my experience as a volunteer was extremely illuminating with regards to the chaos among the higher ranks of BlogHer). One of my favorite parts was getting the chance to speak on a panel entitled “Vaginally Challenged: The Men of BlogHer”. You can read a transcript of our hilarity here. Moderated by the only person in the world capable of wrangling and channeling our awesomeness (and quite effortlessly, too, I must say), I, along with Jim and Matthew, talked for an hour to an absolutely packed room. We discussed the differences and difficulties encountered when you are a male personal blogger. Our room was standing-room only, and people were in the halls trying to listen. From the reports I heard, it was one of, if not the, most popular Rooms Of Your Own at BlogHer 2009.

And now I’m submitting it again. This year, the title is “The Male Personal Blogger: Myth, Legend, or Valuable Contributor?”. The voting is still open, and I’d love to have your support! All you have to do is go here (you have to be logged in if you’re not already!) and click “I would attend this session”. That’s it. Even if you’re not able to attend the conference, your interest in attending the session will help TPTB in deciding which sessions to include this year.

Thank you!

Photo from fostercorrin
Photo from fostercorrin

Edited to Add:

Before I win the award for “Worst Friend Ever”, let me also pimp out the ROYO submitted by one of my favorite people in the whole world, Faiqa. It’s called “Cross Cultural Encounters of the Virtual Kind: Achieving Understanding, Tolerance and Maybe Even World Peace Through Blogging” and promises to be an interesting look at how blogging transcends cultural and racial barriers. So, while you’re voting, vote for hers too!

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  1. Poppy

    I will continue my streak of going to BlogHer zero times, but I will gladly hang out with people! As long as you don’t force me to choose sides, cuz I don’t even know what the sides are anymore and I honestly could give a shit but don’t. <3 to all!

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