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I need your votes!

I need ten seconds of your time.

The “Outrageous Interactions” Video Contest is a contest designed to “acknowledge the sometimes uncommon nature of customer interactions in the call center, and encourages anyone with a customer service experience to create and submit short videos of an unusual customer interaction, real or imagined, based on a phone call, voice mail, email, letter, or web chat.”

My friend Casey and I entered said contest, wherein we ended up a finalist, with a grand prize of $5,000. Here is how I would like you to allot the ten seconds:

Seconds 1-2: Click here and vote for “Chicken Sandwich”.

Seconds 3-4: Ask anyone in your general vicinity to use their computer and vote.

Seconds 5-8: Tweet and post this on Facebook and ask your followers and friends to vote for us.

Seconds 9-10: Relax and pat yourself on the back for being awesome.

See? 10 measly seconds.

In other Avita-news, today is the birthday of the beautiful, funny Miss! She and I have enjoyed each other’s blogs for awhile, and I was disappointed that I didn’t get to say more than two words to her at BlogHer last year. However, in December, I took a trip out to Vegas for a Blogger Birthday Bash, and got to hang out with her (along with three other bloggers, not to mention Ren and Whall) for most of the weekend. She has managed to find love through the power of Twitter, which is pretty awesome! Miss has become a good friend over the last few months and even forgave me for using her camera and taking a photo of my nuts when I was a wee bit drunk. Happy birthday Miss!

A very crunk Avitable and Miss
A very crunk Avitable and Miss
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31 Replies to “I need your votes!”

  1. Miss

    Aww we’re so cute! Thanks so much. It’s been awesome getting to know you and your balls a little more than I had ever expected to. Thank you for the post and for the 10 pounds of chocolate macadamia nuts (which, you aren’t fooling me – hello chocolate balls, nuts, DUDE I GET IT) which are my favs as you know. You’re awesome and I love ya!


  2. rose the rad sugar

    i voted for your sandwich. lots of luck!!!

    i used to work in a call center (AOL member retention. fucking nightmare city). i applaud any effort to encourage the fucking with and/or mocking of call center bullshittery. i’ve pretty much made it my personal mission to hassle the good people of india on the regular… glad to know i’m not alone.

    and when i say hassle indians… i totally mean that in a cajoling, good-natured way. yeah.

  3. rose the rad sugar

    ps, your video was too accurate and it took me like seven ativan to even get through it. OMG. i hate those things. i end up raging and screaming “REPRESENTATIVE.”

    way to totally capture this terrible niche of our society and make it funny too!

  4. whall

    I’m proud to have been there for that picture, and I especially want to express my gratitude for you not sharing the video the three of us made in the Marilyn Monroe room jacuzzi.

  5. Valerie

    You’re falling behind on the count. 2nd 24% vs leader at 35%. Thought you’d lke to know so you could encourage more votes from
    multiple computers and devices. I didn’t get to watch the video- apple.

  6. Marta

    What the funny video! It also funny that you didn’t start with “Watch the video” but it’s you! I watched it after I voted.

    Happy Birthday Miss! That is a gorgeous photo! I may have to ask advice on your success with twitter lol!

  7. Alex

    Okay. I voted even tough it took three minutes for the site to load. Probably because all of your minions are hammering that site trying to get in and vote for you. You’re ahead with 31% right now, well ahead of every other except “Fruit of the Month,” which is dogging you at 29%. If you win the 5K you should buy all of us a chicken sandwich. Or at least a chicken salad sandwich.

  8. Stacey

    Ha, that was Miss’ camera ? I was sitting right there when you snapped that photo. Probably one of the funnier Vegas BB moments for me. I wished I’d spent less time indulging in the al-key-hall and more getting to know you (and I mean that in a non creepy way)

    Will vote and Happy B’day Miss !



  9. Faiqa

    That was great!! I don’t even feel ethically compromised voting for it just because you’re my friend. It was really good.

    And, happy birthday to Miss. But, I think she should get her money back on that tattoo… it just looks like someone scribbled all over her boobs… and…oh.

  10. Elizabeth Kaylene

    I watched all of them because I can’t vote just ’cause, you know? But honestly, the other ones weren’t funny at all. I’m actually kind of surprised they got that far (though the guy in the last video is really cute, so maybe that’s why). 😀 Anyway, yours and Casey’s was really good. Casey sounds so cute!

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