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This is one Mr. for whom I’d drop my panties.

Mr. Lady, who is not this person, turns the tender age of 35 today, which amazes me, because she is so wise in the ways of the world that I would have pegged her for at least 100.

I can’t remember if I’m allowed to say her real name or not, because she seems to vacillate between being public or private, so I’ll just call her Tits. Tits and I became friends because she got her passport stolen by an old lady in the bathroom while she was talking to Donald Sutherland. True story. Tanis texted me and asked me to call Tits to talk to her (Tanis was about to take off and had to turn her phone off). Always willing to talk on the phone, I called her and we spoke for a while until things had calmed down, and from that tiny seed sprouted a friendship.

So, the moral of the story is if you ever want to have a great friendship, track down Donald Sutherland.

Tits, I hope you have a wonderful birthday – you are a superb friend, an excellent mother, and a wise soul. I wish you nothing but lots of love and happiness today. And that is NOT a pencil in my pocket.

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23 Replies to “This is one Mr. for whom I’d drop my panties.”

  1. habanerogal

    Who wouldn’t want some of that hawtness ? She is a lovely lass and deserves all the love she gets from the interwebs people. Ironic that a Canadian actor was the cause of all of her airport misery. We want You back in Canada Shannon, that is all

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