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My review of Kick Ass (No Spoilers)

The movie “Kick Ass” is a darkly comedic violent look at what would happen if someone with no skills and no superpowers put on a costume and tried to fight crime. It’s directed by the excellent director behind “Layer Cake”, Matthew Vaughn. It’s sharp, funny, and a lot of fun. And if you haven’t read the comic, you’ll really enjoy it (if this type of movie is your bag).

If you have read the comic, though, be prepared. It’s not as nihilistic. It’s not as dark. It’s not as realistic. And it’s not as emotionally weighted. Independent of each other, they’re both excellent stories, but it’s difficult not to compare the two, and that comparison leaves the movie woefully lacking.

I wish I could have seen the movie first and read the book second. The acting, timing, and story were all above reproach (especially Nicolas Cage’s vigilante). When it comes out next Friday, go see it. Bring a friend. Because movies like this deserve to get support and deserve to kick ass at the box office, regardless of how much I wanted it to be exactly like the comic.

I give it three and a half bloody butterfly knives out of five.

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17 Replies to “My review of Kick Ass (No Spoilers)”

  1. Dave2

    The movies are never like the comics. Accepting that allows me to enjoy films like “Kick Ass” because I go in with no expectations than to be entertained on its own merits. Also films like “Men in Black” and “Wanted” and “Watchmen” and “The Rocketeer” and such.

    Of course, this also leaves room for pleasant surprises, like “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight” (among others), where I feel the film did a better-than-average job of living up to the comic books upon which they’re based. 😀

  2. kapgar

    I had no idea it was a comic book nor do I have the time to read it before I see it so that’s a good thing, right? If I like the movie enough, I may just have to go pick it up so long as it’s available as a TPB.

  3. Maria

    I’m pissed. I LOVE that comic. I was so excited when dude behind it fronted his own money in order to remain true to the story because all the major studios wanted to edit the story. Now you’re telling me that it’s not the same. I’m all kinds of pissed.

    Still seeing it though. How did dude from Superbad do as Red Mist? I was very skeptical of that casting job.

  4. Marta

    I not sure about this one. I will probably end up having to see it because my son gets excited anytime the commercial comes on while we is watching adult swim

  5. Hockeymandad

    Thanks, now I will see this flick. It looked really cool but I was worried. I did not know there was a comic but thats because Im only really discovering that world. I will see the movie first, then likely enjoy the book more. I like the darker side in comics I read many years ago and re-discovering today. You’ll have to give me some suggestions as a true newbie.

  6. Elizabeth Kaylene

    You must share how you got to see this early! (;

    I can’t wait to see Kick-Ass. I do have a problem with the way it’s been marketed, but aside from that, can’t wait to see it. Nicholas Cage is one of my favorite actors, and I’ll see pretty much everything he’s in. I also think it just looks cool as hell anyway.

    My plan was to watch the movie before reading the graphic novel, because it’s always bad mojo to read a book first. It will only piss you off if you watch a movie after reading the book (though I have to say that Watchmen was pretty much panel for panel, except for a few things).

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