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The Scent of a Whoa Man.

Women, I need your opinions, both by voting and by comments! Men, I guess your opinions are semi-important too.

Do you approve of men applying body lotion?

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What scent do you find the most attractive on a man?

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107 Replies to “The Scent of a Whoa Man.”

  1. Mary Jo

    I am not really big into men who use body lotion. Especially on their hands, soft hands on men kind of gross me out. I like hands that are rough and strong feeling, not soft and womanly.

  2. MariaV

    A natural or unisex scent works for me. I’m not fond of most musky and Axe type scents.

    Also, why wouldn’t it be okay for a man to moisturize? Dry skin is unattractive and uncomfortable.

  3. Cissa Fireheart

    I am an Old Spice kind of woman. I buy my husband their deodorant because I like the way he smells when he wears it. Also my favorite colognes for a man are Fahrenheit, Stetson, and Obsession for men. I also am inclined to be attracted to some kind of “clean” scent, freshly showered, like Jen above mentioned. Believe it or not, when my husband used Irish Spring on the boat in his Navy days, I found it incredibly sexy!

  4. Robin

    I actually like a mixture of man sweat and Old Spice or the Vanilla Sugar thing. And a man HAS to use lotion….ashy skin is a NO NO!!

    Who had the nerve to say men shouldn’t wear lotion? I need to know this….

  5. Nenette

    Okay, I voted for the “Musky” option, because it comes the closest to my ideal. I’m not really into the artificial Old Spice kind of manly smells, but I LOVE more natural men scents like sandalwood, cinnamon, and frankincense. Yum.

  6. Nenette

    Okay, I voted for the “Musky” option, because it comes the closest to my ideal. I’m not really into the artificial Old Spice kind of manly smells, but I LOVE more natural men scents like sandalwood, cinnamon, and frankincense. Yum.

  7. bo

    I have no opinion on the second one since I have no sense of smell. I hope women like a guy’s scent somewhere between natural and sweat and grime, because I’m too afraid to try cologne for fear of putting too much on and I sweat if I walk more than about ten minutes.

  8. muskrat

    I read somewhere that bitches like natural scent. I think Dr Oz said it.
    Re: lotion, ever since going to the desert, I’ve been a religious user. And look how young and pretty I am!

      • Kristin

        @Avitable, and Hockeymandad, I’m just as perplexed as you about this smooth hand thing. I’m a girl, by the way. My hubby’s hands aren’t rough but I wouldn’t necessarily compare them to a baby’s bottom. This is bugging me because all I can think of is the gender stereotyping thing – MEN are supposed to do all the hard labor, thus leading to calloused hands while us WOMEN are supposed to stay all dainty and delicate. Maybe us girls are raised to think that if a guy has smooth hands, he’s a pansy who can’t mow the lawn or fix a sink. I don’t recall ever being taught that, but now I wonder… oh well, this has been fun.

  9. PaintingChef

    I want to second EXACTLY what Nenette just said, I was typing the response almost verbatim until I looked up and read hers…

    I think rather than “musky”, you want something spicy but not Old Spice. My husband wears something called “Chrome” and the smell literally makes me melt. I also happen to think you can never go wrong with Eternity for Men or anything by Hugo Boss or Burberry.

    As far as the moisturizing thing goes… YES. It is NECESSARY. But the person who took you to BBW to rid yourself of the fruity lotions is a dear and true friend. Men should NEVER smell like fruity lotion. I have two suggestions… Unscented Curel or Vaseline Intensive Care will never do you wrong. But if you really need a scent, get one that matches your cologne and layer the fragrance.

    Oh, and one final rule… NEVER EVER EVER allow your deodorant scent to overpower your intended scent. Stick to something that has the words “clean”, “fresh”, or “shower”. Run like hell from the word “sport”. Because in deodorant-ese “sport” means “strong enough to block the stench of your rank sweat since your ass was too lazy to shower after playing basketball.”

  10. Finn

    I went to look for body lotions for men on Target’s Web site. I typed in “men’s bath + body,” scrolled down, then peed my pants when Kleenex tissues appeared on the list.

    I wonder if they were the kind with lotion.

    • Avitable

      @Andria, because I like to use fruity-smelling body lotion, and apparently that’s something that maybe a single man should consider mutually exclusive from his plans to attract the fairer sex.

  11. Krëg

    Hey, I apply lotion daily. And I rub it in thoroughly for about five minutes. On my penis.

    Seriously, the only person’s opinion you should care about regarding your scent is the person having sex with you. Outside of her (or him), all opinions are subjective and irrelevant.

    Further, if you obviously care TOO MUCH about your appearance (and smell), most women will figure you are either incredibly self-obsessed or gay…
    …unless that’s your goal.

    Wear what YOU like. Be your own man. Don’t let your friends make these kinds of decisions for you. Or else you’ll be the “best” smelling spineless guy they know. Also, you’ll probably wind up smelling like twelve different things, depending upon the prevailing opinion of the month.

    • Avitable

      @Krëg, so maybe asking women what type of scent they like is a good way to find out what women like in a man that they’d want to have sex with? I never let anyone make my decisions for me, but I’m also man enough to know that I don’t know everything.

      • Krëg

        @Avitable, Yeah, but you’ll get as many responses as there are scents, and it won’t really tell you anything about the woman. It’s not like all smart, hot, outgoing women who get all moist for bearded gentlemen prefer the smell of Brut. If your selected scent turns off a particular woman, cut bait and go fish in a different pond.

  12. Sybil Law


    When men have hands all soft and smooth, it’s GROSS. Men who reek of fruit – it’s just not natural!! Ick.

    Damn. You could’ve saved yourself the time, if you’d just listen to me and Britt, apparently.

  13. PottyMouthMommy

    mmmmm cookie scented man… I’d eat that.. wait what?? What did I say??

    um- yeah- I’m pregnant and fat- I would eat almost f’n anything if it smelled like cookie right now… or ice cream…

    On a side note- soft strong hands are the best- I kinda prefer NOT getting a friction burn from rough-ass hands on my *back* when getting a massage thanks! 😛

  14. Miss Grace

    I voted on the first one but would like to add that while everyone can use lotion, it can’t be girly smelling if you’re a dude and you expect to be able to fuck women.

    I didn’t vote on the second cuz you didn’t have the answer that I wanted, which is this: I like men to smell clean (soap, deodorant, laundry soap, toothpaste smells), but not ‘body odor,’ and also not overpoweringly cologne-ish.

  15. Elizabeth Kaylene

    I’m crazy for Mike’s natural scent combined with something like Axe body wash or just the detergent he used on the clothes he’s wearing. I also like the way he smells after a softball game. As long as he doesn’t smell like ass or like a girl, we’re good.

  16. Darcey

    Yeah, I’m going to have to agree with many of the other women. Lotion in general? A-ok. Fruity lotion? Not so much. Of the options presented for scents, I went with musky, because it was the only one I can tolerate. But I do prefer clean scents (laundry detergent, soap, deodorant)… though I don’t mind a guy’s smell after he’s been outside cutting the grass – mixture of sweat and fresh air and sharp grass…

  17. thepsychobabble

    I could care less if a man moisturizes, and it was hard to pick my favorite man scent. Straight up shower-clean man is cool, and so is Old Spice/SOME of the Axe scents…but I grew up on a farm, around tractors. And married a guy who spends all his spare time under the hood of his car. So under the right circumstances, that sweaty grease-monkey smell can get me hot and bothered;)

  18. cat

    Old Spice reminds me too much of my father… which may actually be a good reason for a guy to wear it, if he wants to attract women with Oedipal or daddy issues!

  19. Kristin

    I’m going to have to agree with the others that “warm vanilla” is not unisex. And I want to say something that’s gonna get me kicked around by those feminists out there, but vanilla is kitcheny and baking and that’s more of a womany type thing.

    Irish Spring. Nice, clean and not overwhelming. And it comes in moisturizing too.

    Uh, dry skin needs moisture. There’s nothing anti-man about that.

  20. Kristin

    Okay, I’ve read all these comments now and I have to add one more thing. If you’re determined to have some fruit in your life, stick with the apple ones. They’re usually not too overpowering and usually have a more fresh smell to them, rather than sweet.

  21. Zanthera

    Skipped the scent one. I like what ever suits a guy’s “pharamone type.” What suits one guy surely doesn’t suit every other guy as well.

    I can say Old Spice sucks all around… ew.

  22. mew

    Clean smelling is good.
    Whatever happened to people being happy with just being clean.
    Most of the multitude of products people use are scented. So many clashing smells!
    This drives me and my sensitive nose crazy.
    I wish unscented products were more popular.
    People who wear highly scented stuff all the time seem to not realize how
    pungent they are.
    Also, musk grosses me out and gives me a headache
    When musk is accented by nasty B.O….bleh!

  23. mare

    Never been fond of men not smelling natural but my partner wears Santos like its all him.

    And yes, he moisturizes, which is good because it reminds me to.

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