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My review of Iron Man 2 (No Spoilers)

Iron Man 2, quite obviously the sequel to Sherlock Holmes, is fun, smart, and fast paced. Robert Downey, Jr., plays the titular character and his alter-ego, Tony Stark, with the same aplomb and swagger, tinged with a bit of newly discovered resignation and sadness. This film is about legacy, and it does a good job of showing how both the protagonist and his antagonist view their own individual legacies. While not quite as light-hearted as the first film, Iron Man 2 is an excellent middle chapter in a superb trilogy.

The Good: Tony Stark’s chemistry with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts. Jon Favreau’s Happy. ScarJo’s Natasha Romanov and her kick ass martial arts moves. Mickey Rourke’s Ivan Janko. Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer. Don Cheadle’s Rhodey. The action scenes. The fight scenes. The inside jokes. The fast dialogue that wasn’t dumbed down.

The Bad: Paul Bettany’s Jarvis is a little too human and acted as too much of a narrator at times. Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is kind of annoying, and I fear for The Avengers if he can’t tone down the cheesy “Snakes on a Motherfuckin’ Plane” attitude. I hope his role is minimal in that film. The climax felt a little subdued. A few of the jokes were a little too referential to the first movie, unnecessarily.

The Ugly: Garry Shandling. Man, has he just gotten uglier in his old age or is it me?

I give it three and a half out of four War Machines.

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31 Replies to “My review of Iron Man 2 (No Spoilers)”

  1. Nenette

    The fun, raw dialogue in the first movie really made it for me. Glad they continue it in this one. Can’t wait to see it.
    Oh, and yeah, super yummy RDJ. Looking forward to seeing him too.

  2. Maria

    I 150% disagree with you. On like everything you said. Except Garry Shandling. WTF HAPPENED TO HIM? I’d link to my own review but I find that to be tacky.
    It’s on my movie blog, if you’re interested.

  3. NYCWD

    My biggest gripe (and keep in mind I’m seeing it tomorrow) is that somehow Cuba Gooding Jr. got morphed into Don Cheadle. I loved Cuba in the first one as Rhodey, and imagined him donning the War Machine armor with much fanfare… so I really hope I’m not disappointed in it. The fact you gave it 3.5 out of 4 is a good sign… but I’m still a little hesitant… so we’ll see…

  4. martymankins

    Great rating. I liked the movie a lot, but still prefer the first movie for the pure idea that it told the story so well. I’ll see Iron Man 2 again to see what I missed.

    And I hope that Nick Fury is better in the Avengers movies, too.

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