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Fat guy in a little tube

How to fit an object with a circumference of 42 inches through an object with an 28-inch opening: A scientific study requiring seven steps.

Step 1: Put jaunty hat on first object.

Step 2: Place first object with large 42-inch radius onto spring-loaded delivery device.

Step 3: Hurl first object down through opening in second object with all the force that gravity can muster. Observe that clothing on first object will not remain attached to the object when gravity and force are applied.

Step 4: Wait with bated breath to see if first object will surface without said clothing, scarring children in the immediate area immensely.

Step 5: Observe that second object has somehow remained completely intact.

Step 6: Observe that first object has resurfaced, with clothing still on, including jaunty hat.

Step 7: Give first object hearty round of applause and prohibit first object from consuming any more margaritas.

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68 Replies to “Fat guy in a little tube”

  1. Moon HalloranLeady

    you, dude, are one sexy man…there…I said it (and mean it)…I sure do dig intelligent semi-nude guys in hats who ain’t scrawny and who like to have fun in the water

    Alas…I am taken…by a man of equal qualifications hehe

    great pics!

  2. Hockeymandad

    Wow, those pictures look fantastic! The moment was captured so wonderfully.

    Thanks for the beer and hosting a fun party, the kids want to come back “tomorrow” as they said in the car on the way home.

  3. Cissa Fireheart

    Had I not been there to witness it myself, I wouldn’t have believed the hat stayed on!

    Truly had an awesome time yesterday. Thank you for having me and the minions over. I think Kaity (the little one) has a crush on you, she talked about you all night at dinner and on the drive to and from the restaurant! LOL

    Wish I had thought to grab the phone and catch it on video! But but pictures came our GREAT!

  4. Dani

    I would have figured Step 7 would have involved applause, encouraging the first object to drink MORE margaritas and finding more candidates for second object.

    …I stand, corrected.

  5. Sheila

    That hat makes you look like Gilligan (ya know – the dude on the island) and Opie Taylor’s bastard child.

    I feel really bad for that poor inner tube.

    It seems that nothing, neither man, nor beast, dolphin or pool toy, is safe when Avitable is on the scene.

    I’m glad there were children present so that you pulled your shorts up before you got out of the water.

  6. single_guy

    I have considered making website that essentially amounts to “choose your date”, combining all of the dating sites into one. The idea would be that you would fill out a multiple choice questionaire on what you wanted on your date. This would make dating much more comfortable because you would know ahead of time that she is just looking for a screw and not a serious relationship. (as an example) All of these sites have problems matching people on their first date. Rather than having 50 different websites with these weird questions about personality which usually don’t get to the point, or trying to match people by fetish (maybe I spend too much time in the nude) combine all into one site.

    Sometimes you start out with a sex date and it turns into a relationship. Sometimes you meet someone and talk your way into a relationship. Like, which has lots of pictures, sometimes it takes looking at a person to identify the right one. Sometimes you aren’t looking for the right one, just a temporary. We need to know this on the first date, otherwise this is nothing more than a disaster. And yes, we can’t forget those 3 somes and all that other stuff that does exist. They made a site for diaper fetish people, so there must be some out there. It is hard enough to find a significant other, and dealing with stupid websites that play games makes it all more difficult.

    How many people have actually met someone at all on a dating site?

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