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Why I Love Father Muskrat

I have something to admit, dear blog world.

I have a crush on Father Muskrat

Here are six reasons that I want to throw my manties at him:

  1. The man can sing and dance.
  2. He is in the military and still manages to be open-minded and intelligent (Yes I know I’m stereotyping. Bite me.).
  3. He’s a lawyer, but not an asshole. Well, he’s an asshole, but not THAT kind of asshole.
  4. He took a risk and left his firm to start his own business and he’s been successful.
  5. He’s got a great ass.
  6. The most important reason of all – he’s got great taste in women and is married to one gorgeous genius of a woman.

Happy birthday, lover.

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19 Replies to “Why I Love Father Muskrat”

  1. Muskrat

    This picture made me LOL, as the young folks say. It’s going somewhere prominent, like the basement bathroom.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! My momma always said I’d be somebody when I got all growed up. I hope this isn’t what she meant.

  2. Pretty Bride

    This totally made his day, in case you couldn’t tell from his responses. He giggled uncontrollably, and insisted on rolling over in bed and showing me the photo at 6 am, when my eyes could barely register the image. I thought it was you wearing a bikini top, and it took me until now to realize what I was actually seeing.

    Thanks for the mad praise–excellent technique to keep his head from getting too big on this momentous day. And reminding him why his life is so freakin’ awesome.

    Now, get back to work keeping those beaches clean. I got me a vacation to plan.

  3. JD at I Do Things

    I’ll never forget meeting Muskrat at BlogHer. I just couldn’t put the profane, disgusting, hilariously outspoken blogger that I knew online together with the clean-cut, respectable-looking, polite young man in front of me.

    But he is all those things. And more!

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