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Six word memoir

Ten thousand years ago, Smith Magazine started “Six Word Memoirs“, when they asked famous authors to write . . . six. word. memoirs.

The popularity of this meme has ebbed and flowed, with people tweeting about them and books being published with them, etc., etc. But now that I’m talking about it, I expect there to be a massive groundswell of discussion, because I am a trendsetter. Or, in this case, a trend re-setter. Kind of like the rolled up sleeves. I’m totally bringing that back.

Here’s my six-word memoir:

Nude and hairless. Hairy and naked.

Or, another:

Have balls and choose to demonstrate.


Overthought myself into an early grave.

Here are the fictional six-word memoirs of some dead celebrities:

My proudest legacy is my boobs. -Anna Nicole Smith

Never met a stool I disliked. -Gary Coleman

Proud to be first second banana. -Ed McMahon

Loop. I’m caught in a time- -Roland the Gunslinger (I suspect I may have heard this one before, but can’t remember where.)

Happy, angry, angry, really angry, sad. -Anakin Skywalker

Too many junior bacon cheeseburgers. Urp. -Wendy

There’s nothing up my sleeve. Abracadabra. -Amelia Earhart.

I said I hated juice. JUICE. -Adolf Hitler

Brothers suck. And bang you’re dead. -Abel

Mess with my kid and die. -Jason Voorhees’s mom

Chestburst. Eat heads. Die by flamethrower. -Alien

Rescue Timmy. Rescue Timmy. Fuckin’ Timmy. -Lassie

Become butt of really bad jokes. -Christa McAuliffe

Shouldn’t memoir be pronounced “me” “moi”? -Mitch Hedberg

What would your six-word memoir be?

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19 Replies to “Six word memoir”

  1. Liz Hill

    It is rumored that, in the 1920s, Hemingway’s friends bet him he couldn’t write a ‘story’ in just six words. They lost. He wrote “For sale: baby shoes, never used.”

    That always gets to me.

    For mine…..

    What’s an appropriate level of decadence?

  2. Larry Smith

    “Threw spaghetti at wall; some stuck.” – Larry Smith

    And: fellow sixers — I cordinally invite you to post your six-word memoirs at and join our world of six. You could be in a future book…. that sort of thing. Thanks -Larry

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