Where Mel Gibson lives (with apologies to Shel Silverstein)

There is a place where Mel Gibson lives
All around the hate begins,
And there the folks are mainly white,
And there the words are formed from spite,
And there evil words have taken flight
To deny the Holocaust sin.

Let us listen in where he hates the blacks
And the Jews and wops and friends.
Past the place where the bigotry can flow
We’ll hear talk about niggers and sugar tit hos,
And how the fucking Jews run the show
To the place where Mel Gibson lives

Yes we’ll hear talk about niggers and sugar tit hos,
And how the fucking Jews run the whole show,
For the public, they hear, and the public, they know
The place where Mel Gibson lives.

(With apologies to Shel Silverstein)

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29 Replies to “Where Mel Gibson lives (with apologies to Shel Silverstein)”

  1. Robin

    Mel Gibson is racist, bigoted and anti-semetic…..and water is wet.

    I hate to be all cynical, but why are people surprised? People really live this way around us…sad, but true. If nothing else, I hope that his baby’s mother gets a ton of money and sole custody in karmatic retaliation. That would make me very giddy. 🙂 🙂

    • Avitable

      @Robin, I was willing to give him a second chance – maybe he was just that drunk, but now it’s pretty inexcusable. I’m surprised because I don’t like to assume the worst automatically.

  2. Grant

    If we only have white people in our neighborhood, who’s going to mow our lawns? You should be more open-minded like me and think things through before you do another of your racist rants.

  3. Issa

    Am I the only one just hoping that one of his nineteen kids is gay, that one marries a Jew, one a black guy, one an Asian and so on? I mean the chances are good right with that many kids?

    Crazy mother fucker.

  4. Faiqa

    I wonder what Danny Glover thinks of Mel Gibson. (That was him in Lethal Weapon, wasn’t it, I couldn’t tell with all that hair). And how did I miss this literary gem of yours? Well done!

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