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How gay are my sunglasses? Your vote is needed!

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Which sunglasses do you like?

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57 Replies to “How gay are my sunglasses? Your vote is needed!”

  1. Trish Smith

    It’s not that the other two (new) pairs are gayer than the others; it’s simply that the original pair is much more flattering to you. But it looks like they need to be straightened out a bit – getting kinda crooked.

  2. MFA Mama

    Original pair: hot

    Both new pairs? Umm…you look like you should be snowboarding on in some kind of techno-punk movie TAKING IT IN THE ASS. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but honestly if I saw a man under seventy wearing sunglasses that big? I might ask him to go shopping with me but wouldn’t expect him to have any interest in my bathing-suit areas…

  3. Poppy

    Wear the blue ones to a gay bar. I dare you.

    The red pair make you look like you’re going for the early bird special.

    I don’t like the original pair either.

    Foster Grants. Dawg recommends them (because Raquel Welch does too).

  4. Ms Batman

    The White pair look like the glasses Johnny Depp wore in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But I’m such a dork, I wasn’t paying that much attention to what you were doing or saying. I was too busy watching your reflection in the mirrors behind you.

  5. Chiquita

    I need to chime in. You look like an 18 yr old tool with either of the new ones. Reason being… I see 18 yr old tools wearing those at the waterparks. And I agree with BE Earl ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Mandi Bone

    I am not a fan of any of them. How about something classic like Ray-Ban aviators? You live in Florida there are 10,000 sunglasses hut. Go there and have them help you. Take along a friend that is a girl to help you.

  7. Krรซg

    In lieu of sunglasses, I suggest you man up and work on your Clint Eastwood squint. It’s a look that never goes out of style, and looks far cooler than any flash-in-the-pan trendy garbage. Plus, you’ll never lose or break a good squint.

  8. Janet

    This is my first reply and I’m jumpin off the deep end by telling you that I don’t like any of the these! I think you would look totally hot in a pair of old skool aviators wearing a black t-shirt!

  9. Crabby Mommy

    The red ones remind me of all the older gentlemen that live near my neighborhood (I live near a retirement community). Maybe you wear them as you yell at the “young whipper snappers” to get off your lawn?

    The blue and white ones? Yeah – old retired gay guy.

    Of the three, the old ones are the best. But, like others have said, get thee to a store and try some on before buying.

  10. Faiqa

    I think you should go with the blue ones. No, really. And, then, memorize all the lyrics to every Kanye song ever made and then get on TV and say something like, “Barack Obama, man, Barack Obama hates white people!” Instant stardom. You’re welcome.

  11. Cheri

    Neither of the new ones…I agree with other, they look too gay. I think you need sunglasses that are more square in shape, they’ll fit your face better than the more rounded kind. My son has some that are they bigger lenses too but more square not round and they don’t look gay at all.

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