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Monday Bullets

This weekend was pretty full, and I’m too beat to try to write a recap, so here is my holiday weekend, bullet style:

  • For those of you who purchased raffle tickets to the Piper raffle, we raised $1500 in one week, and I will be drawing the names and announcing the winners tomorrow or Wednesday – basically as soon as I can get my act together and randomly pull 20-something names out of a virtual hat. Thank you to everyone for the support – the blogging community has shown once again what it can do when it works towards a common good.
  • Friday night, after a long day of not really working because it was a gloomy, rainy day and I felt like reading instead, a few of us went out until much later than bedtime for old people our age should be. And a potent combination of liquor and Sir Mix-A-Lot occurred:

  • Saturday was the birthday of one of the coolest New Yawkahs I know: NYCWD. He turned 108.

  • Saturday night, I went out to Hard Rock with a friend, and we went to the Hole concert. Courtney Love put on a good show, and anytime you get to hear live music, it’s fun, but the real treat of the evening was the opening act. Foxy Shazam has a really unique sound, and they put on a great show. The lead singer looks like a cross between a young Mick Jagger and the V for Vendetta protagonist, and between running across stage on all fours like the wheelies from Return to Oz, eating cigarettes, and encouraging people to stab him, he was really entertaining. The keyboardist is even more interesting. His name is Sky White, and half the time he was playing, it was with his feet or his face or some body part other than his fingers. At one point, he jumped up on his keyboard with both feet and danced on it, staying in tune! I shot some video, but their official video is much better:

  • Sunday was the birthday of one of my favorite Canadians ever, Karen! (And lest I forget, Friday was the birthday of another awesome Canadian, Shannon.)
  • Sunday was also the 30th birthday of one of the prettiest men I know, Jared, aka Mister Britt.
  • My day Sunday was spent being berated for talking about my divorce, the biggest personal upheaval in my life, on my personal blog, getting told to go fuck myself by an obnoxious client, and feeling very alone. It improved after some dinner at Chili’s and M&Ms that night.
  • Today is a special day, because it’s the birthday of the only person I know who makes Pittsburgh seem worth visiting, Becky! She embarks on her very last year before she turns the big 4-0 and officially becomes old.

What did you do this weekend?

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21 Replies to “Monday Bullets”

  1. Trish Smith

    Agonizing over a task I have to do for work Monday that I’m not sure I’m up to, miscellaneous errand-running, and getting good and drunk at the family BBQ on Sunday. Your weekend also kicked my weekend’s ass.

  2. Lisa

    I cleaned the house, cooked an awesome meal, made holes in round pieces of paper, and tomorrow will have a birthday dinner for my mom.

    I’m sorry people were all up in your biznatch, but I’m also a little scared that Britt knows all the words to that song.

  3. Sheila (CSR)

    I entertained six children, ages two, eight, eight, nine, eleven and fifteen.

    We spent a lot of time in the pool and ate a crap ton of hot dogs.

    I have a sun burn and am now walking like a ninety year old.

    Your weekend was better.

  4. Blondefabulous

    Friday was my birthday. I spent it driving to Orlando with my family, checking into a hotel, going to what I thought was a nice dinner, finding bugs in our food, thinking I was going to go out and have drinks with people from Orlando that I knew, then getting blown off and feeling sorry for myself for the rest of the night. A good day all around I’d say!

  5. muskrat

    Berated by whom? Family or Amy? Sorry to hear that (I got it on a smaller scale when my mother made a snide remark about my talking about drinking on twitter when my brother has a problem with alcohol).

    Had a brief visit with my parents (they came to us) on Friday and then to the in-laws’ lake house Sat-Sun, which was nice, but I missed my iphone and internet. BFE Alabama has no towers, it appears. Am working today.

  6. hello haha narf

    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. For a present, you know…other than you paying for me Friday night, you can schlep your wonderful self to Pittsburgh. Trust me, you will have lots and lots of fun.
    So sorry your Independence Day kind of blew. Would it be a better day today if naked canonballs into your pool were involved?

  7. Grant

    I drank beer and played Dragon Age. I win. Oh, and I worked. Hopefully that won’t get me fired.

    I can understand the bad feelings for someone giving you a hard time about your personal blog, but you happied-up with Chili’s and M&M’s? You’re a cheap date. Come here, baby.

  8. Nicole

    Well done all on the $1500! Amazing what a bit of bloggy Love can do.
    Cool that you had a great weekend (except for that Sunday part – glad you told him to F*** off & sorry to hear the other part :()
    Hard Rock Cafe here plays cool Music during the day and crap music at night. I thought I drop dead when we went there one night…. yuck!

  9. B.E. Earl

    I had a non-stop, go go go kinda weekend. ‘Twas fun, but exhausting. I was supposed to work today, but I find myself laying in bed watching the Yankee game and blogging instead.

    And I can’t tell if I absolutely love Foxy Shazam or if I really, really hate them. Weird.

  10. Karen Sugarpants

    I partied like a rock star. All damn weekend. And now I’m tired. 🙂

    Sorry Sunday sucked. I got to renew my license, plate sticker, and health card, AAAAAND my period for my birthday. Wheeee! Being an old woman ROCKS!

    At least I’m not fucking pregnant.

  11. Shelli

    Celebrated Isabelle’s birthday (which is also today), she’s 7. Went to see Toy Story 3 with her and my son. Sat around with my friends/in-laws and celebrated the 4th with food and beverage and then went home early because, unlike most other people, I had to work today. Thank you for stopping by and wishing Belle a happy birthday. I will pass it on to her.

  12. Hockeymandad

    We celebrated our daughter’s 6th birthday with family. It was good and she loved the fireworks her daddy prepared for her. I’m sure you heard or saw them. They’re nationwide. Of course she got all things toy story 3 so she was super happy about that.

  13. thepsychobabble

    Holy busy weekend, batman:)
    Mine involved an ER trip that left me typing one handed, internet service provider suckage, family, and rain.
    It was cool though, Sunday night, we weren’t going to go to the fireworks, bc it was drizzly. But the town shot them off anyway, and we found out we could see them out of the little porch area upstairs. So we woke the kids up to watch. It was a good ending for a really crappy weekend

  14. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Sad about the berating part. Happy that Britt and Faiqa sang some Mix-A-Lot. 😉

    My weekend? Spent administering Advil and Tylenol to my sick kids who ALL had Fifth Disease. I shit you not. That’s an actual virus. That’s the last damned time I let them go to vacation bible school. Not only do they pick up religion, but communicable diseases as well. GAH!

  15. Faiqa

    I feel like I should thank you for posting this video instead of what will now go down in history as the “Near Motor Boat Incident of 2010.” Although, one could also assume that you value your life… but, no, thanks.

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