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Twilight fan and proud of it.

How proud?

This is my new pillowcase, bought at FYE for only $3!

Okay, maybe it will be relegated to my guest room, but for tonight at least, I’m going to sleep on it.

Although, I may have lost my Twihard cred, since I was bored silly in Eclipse. Nothing happened! There was no emotional movement, the fight scenes were the worst out of all the movies, and it just dragged. I don’t know why I was so disappointed in it when everyone else seems to think it was the best of the three, but I just didn’t feel any emotional resonance with it.

Maybe it’s just because Jacob finally got his heart broken, and I’m Team Jacob all the way.

This post has been brought to you by the letter G for gay.

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33 Replies to “Twilight fan and proud of it.”

  1. Alex

    “Eclipse” was probably the worst of the three, but it’s not too bad, about as good as “New Moon.” You are right to be on Team Jacob, no doubt about it.

  2. Amanda

    I’m on Team Jacob for the movies, but Team Edward in the books. My (allegedly hetero) boyfriend is on Team Edward, so he didn’t like the 2nd movie so much. I’m with you, I was a little bored during the 3rd one. But hey, at least we got to see Jacob shirtless a bunch

  3. Mrs. Hall


    i mean, come on. all brown eyed energetic devotion. all warm and snuggly. HAS A GROUP OF FRIENDS AND FAMILY HE DIDN’T CREATE! seriously.

    and have you seen the interviews with the actor that plays the edward?

    whiny English twit!

    nuff said.

    rock on with that pillow!

  4. Dee

    I don’t understand how people can think there is a “best” or “worst” of these movies – they’re all shit…

    I think you were ripped off at $3. Maybe by using it you’ll dream of a future whiny, personality-less, pallid girlfriend? šŸ™‚

  5. Grant

    I hope everyone involved in making that film dies because they yanked Toy Story 3 from the local IMAX theater to replace it with Eclipse less than two weeks into TS3’s run.

  6. Shelli

    I’m glad you said it because when you tweeted the photo, I was going to reply, “You’re so gay.” I love you for it. Even though I have no idea, nor any desire to understand, what the attraction to the Twilight saga is.

  7. Kyra

    I haven’t seen that out here at ALL! Arianne is freaking out over it.

    And as for team Jacob? Seriously, when you have to start considering whether to give your boyfriend heart-worm treatments and a flea collar, there is a problem. Although, the shock collar presents some interesting opportunities.

  8. crisitunity

    Team Jacob is full of FOOLS.

    I’m with you about Eclipse. There was so little going on. Even the big battle – which the whole freakin’ movie had been building towards – was over in all of two minutes. Baah. When I read Rotten Tomatoes on it, it was like the critics all saw different films: half of them thought it was the best of the three and full of action, and the other half thought it was the worst of the three and piss-boring. Whatever.

    Also, @pamela, she was just trying to help him. Supposedly. And where would Team Jacob be without the drama and the wishy-washiness?

  9. Sheila (CSR)

    I thought it was the best of the three. But I also thought Kristen Stewart looked really different….I dunno why…maybe it was the eyes?

    I’m Team Edward because Jacob is a whiney bitch. But I’m totally Team Taylor as far as hotness factor goes.

  10. Poppy

    Please explain to me how Bella isn’t a slut. She kissed Jacob near Edward after she accepted Edward’s marriage proposal.

    Please justify. I don’t see how this isn’t slutty.

  11. J from Ireland

    I thought Eclipse was shite, so boring. Bella in the films is a big let down for me. Too wimpy. I don’t think she smiled once in the whole film. The films don’t convey the love story that is BELLA and EDWARD(so not Jacob) as well as the books and that pisses me off.
    I was going to buy the same duvet cover for my 13yr old daughter but she told me it was too immature for her……hahaha

  12. Dolores

    I have so far avoided seeing this movie, because it’s my favorite book of the Twilight series, and every time Jacob gets his heartbroken (as in everytime I read the book), I totally cry, and I am afraid of how the movie will probably be nothing like the book… After reading all these comments about the movie, I think I made the right decision! It’s kinda awesome to see (read) a guy that admits to both liking Twilight and being Team Jacob. šŸ™‚ Love the duvet by the way. (the pillowcase too)

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