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See the all new, Hitler free,!

I know that the old design was familiar to everyone, but after six years of the same old design, the same old Hitler, and a half-broken theme that barely functioned the way it should, it was time for a change. A new Avitable, a new

Today’s assignment: Comment and let me know what you think! If you are on a feedreader or a mobile phone, get your ass over here anyway.

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271 Replies to “See the all new, Hitler free,!”

  1. Maura

    While not exactly Hitler-free (Yes, I see the sidebar), I like it! Your drawings make me smile.

    Who’s the other historical dude over there? I feel like I should know but am not coming up with it.

  2. Dave2

    Bravo! I like it! But, then again, I’m partial to custom cartoon headers on a blog. πŸ™‚

    The only thing I’d change are the “five stars graphic” in the entry divider bars. With all the other graphics being hand-drawn, they look a little out of place. I think it would be cooler if you hand-drew something there as well… even if you just hand-drew the stars it would tie everything together a little better.

  3. Employee No.699

    Though the new design is awesome, it will take some getting used to as I loved the old one.

    I do have to ask, however, seeing that you’re showing your penis in actual size; can you even find non-constricting underwear or do you just free ball it? There’s a Tom Petty song about tha…oh wait, that was free falling. Nevermind.

    • Avitable

      @Employee No.699, I loved the old one, too, but I’m like a phoenix rising from the ashes! And “actual size” was a joke saying it’s only the inch or so long that you see on your screen, not to scale, so non-constricting underwear would be easy in that case.

  4. Rachael

    I like it! I really like your little facebook, twitter (etc) icons, and your featured posts list over in the sidebar.

    The only thing I can say is that the header is pretty tall, I can’t see the post title when I load the page, which I sort of like to be able to do. But I realize that could also be different on different sized monitors.

  5. Poppy

    Did you pick my cat’s font for your site?


    Hitler is not gone, he’s just moved. I might not be able to see because it’s way too early for my eyes to be open, but I know a dicktater when I see one.

  6. Toni

    “A new Avitable, a new” – Amazing are the opportunities when we are willing to change. πŸ™‚

    FAB icons!

    I agree with what somone said about the stars – I like the idea of them being drawn in as well. Tres Bien mon ami!

  7. Lora

    I like it. It’s adorable, and it reminds me of a brochure that one might pick up and read cover to cover when one is waiting in a clinic.

    That’s a good thing.

    Brochures in clinics are chock-full of stuff everyone ought to know but not everyone does.

  8. Cissa Fireheart

    It’s looks cool! Like many folks, I find the hand drawn icons the most favorite of the new look. The ancestor thing was neat! At first I thought you were just messing with people! heh. Anyway, wicked awesome job. Change is good every once in a while!

    BTW, I’m putting in my birthday request early. Think you could draw me something that I can post on my blog? My birthday is on the 31st. πŸ™‚

  9. NYCWD


    Not only have you forsaken Hitler… you’ve forsaken the BTOD.

    End of times… end of times…

    (But I like it… especially the cartoony icons in the sidebar… excellent job!)

  10. Muskrat

    I miss Hitler. But…wait a minute…there he is…in the sidebar! Okay, I feel better now.

    I don’t like that I had to retype my name, email, and URL to comment. The old site remembered me. Do you still remember me? You are separate from your blog, right?

    Does the fact that your blog changed and Miss Britt’s didn’t mean y’all really are two separate people? Wow. I’ve now truly seen it all.

    I agree that it looks very “you.”

  11. John

    Love it overall. However, the Favicon is not present, and when I hover over links, they are red. Me, and other people who spend way too much time on Wikipedia, immediately think of a broken link when it’s red; this can lead to confusion if your mouse hovers over one inadvertently while scrolling. Luckily, both can be solved with a single tag or CSS rule. Those kind of problems are fun…the ones that you spend two minutes fixing instead of two hours.

  12. Marie

    I’m sorry – all I can see is the hand drawn header. No sidebar, no icons. Could it be the size of my monitor? I see little squirts of peeps in between your white screen and the edge – it’s like on a blue background but just little spots of shirts or something. πŸ™


    • Avitable

      @Marie, you must have your screen resolution set at the smallest possible resolution. If you view this in 800X600 or 1024X768, you should be able to see it perfectly. I didn’t think anyone still had resolution smaller than that!

        • Marie

          @Marie, Ok So I reset it even higher and then I could see the sidebar. But I don’t like all my icons and everything else so small. So I set it back to 1024 X 768. So I saw everything on your blog once, I guess that’s enough.

          • Avitable

            @Marie, that’s really weird. The header is 970X447, which means that unless you have a ton of toolbars in your browser or don’t have it open full, you should be able to see the whole site, except maybe the background image. Hm.

          • Marie

            @Avitable, It’s fully open. I can read your whole blog and I see your buttons on the side. I just cannot see your border. That could be just the size of my monitor. I have everything adjusted to see most everyone’s blogs and still be able to play Yahoo games and chat etc. My desktop is full of icons – I save everything lol.


    • Avitable

      @always home and uncool, I used the default Twenty-ten template that comes with the newest WP version, and then just revised that as needed. I can help you with yours, but I accept payment in naked photos, as long as they’re not yours.

  13. Shelli

    I’m too lazy to read through 210 comments to see if anyone said the same thing as I’m going to say so forgive the redundancy if there is some.

    I like it. A lot. Except the vital stats kind of run together with the caution statement. Or it could be that I have a migraine right now and my brain is playing tricks on me.

  14. Mari

    I dig the new look (especially since there’s an awesome pic of you wearing guyliner to the right of where I’m typing).
    However. Aren’t the comments ENORMOUS? I thought only *you* were allowed to have (ahem) type that big!

  15. mapsgirl

    You did a great job! The collection of images of you as a background is perfect and the custom icons are (dare I use the word) cute! Probably not what you were going for but they are….at least I think so.

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