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Listen to your gut unless it tells you to drink two-month old soy milk.

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27 Replies to “Listen to your gut unless it tells you to drink two-month old soy milk.”

  1. Poppy

    Are you telling me you drank 2-month-old soy milk? Why would you even be drinking soy milk to begin with? I can understand if you were eating tofu, because tofu is fucking DELICIOUS, but soy milk tastes like sweet shit smells.

      • Poppy

        @Avitable, please explain “better for you”. In detail. With comparison to cow milk. Because it’s just differently nutriented.

        Also, I don’t like sweet milk. I grew up drinking milk and consuming savory dairy products, so I cannot enjoy soy milk. But that’s why I adore tofu, not sweet.

          • Poppy

            @Avitable, do you drink actually *sweetened* soy milk? Because that has more carbs than regular soy milk, which pushes it to the carbs of whole milk. I drink fat free milk. Also, is your soy milk magically fortified? I’d like to know exactly what kind it is. Cow milk has vitamins and minerals. You say yours has more, but generic soy milk is very low in vitamins and minerals. I take the milk argument very seriously, coming from a cow milk producing state.

  2. SisterMerryHellish

    What’s with all the soy milk hate this morning?! This is exactly the kind of image that would come up if I were choosing between real milk and soy milk, because I’m lactose intolerant like that. TMI? Probably, but you left me no choice.

    Now pass the Corn Pops and Vanilla Silk!

  3. Sheila

    Soy milk is disgusting. Little Miss had to have that liquid crap for a while when her body got all reject-y of the lactose.

    I tried it.

    GROSS stuff.

    She liked the chocolate though…but she’s two and doesn’t know any better. you should.

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