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Acronyms you didn’t know

Most people are aware that scuba is actually SCUBA and stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus and that LASER stands for Light Amplication by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. But you’d probably be surprised to find out that the names of many people, objects, and events are acronyms as well. Here are a few examples:

TWITTER: Typing With Idiotic Tendencies To Evoke Responses

LAS VEGAS: Losing All Scruples, Vying for Evil, Greed And Stupidity

COLUMBINE: Children Owning Leather Unleashing Murder Because Idiots Nurtured Ennui

APPLE: Adeptly Persuading People to Love Electronics

OBAMA: One Bad Ass Muthafuckin’ American

CONDOM: Capturing Or Not Disseminating Orgasmic Mess

FART: Forced Air, Ridiculously Toxic

AIRPLANE: Asking Individuals to Rely on Pilots Landing And Not Exploding

GOOGLE: Growing Omiscient and Omnipotent by Garnering Legions of Evil

FAIQA: Fancy and Anal-retentive Islam and Q’uran Advocate

BLOG: Blathering Loads Of Garbage

MISS BRITT: Mainlining Insolence and Sarcasm to Successfully Bring Reality to Individuals who Trust her Testimony

EHARMONY: Expecting Humans who Are Romantic to Meet Others who Need You

BLOWJOB: Bartering for Lots Of Women for Jewelry Or Bags

MEL GIBSON: Mainlining Evil to Lecture Gays, Idiots, Bitches, Schwarzes Or Niggers.

AVITABLE: Asshole, Vile Individual Talking About Boobs, Lesbians, and Erections

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