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Friends of Avitable I: Faiqa

The first FOA goes to none other than the amazing Faiqa. Her blog, Native Born, is always entertaining and thought provoking. Her perspective is always well conceived and if you can read her blog without feeling your brain cells growing, you’re doing it wrong. Intelligent, funny, unique, and articulate, Faiqa has a lot to offer even if you hold it against her that she’s one of my best friends.

Are you ready to enrich your blogging experience?

P.S. Her name is pronounced by us ignorant Americans (and Canadians and Europeans) like “Fie-ka”, and there’s no “U” in it!

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24 Replies to “Friends of Avitable I: Faiqa”

  1. Neeroc

    I’ve just started moving about the greater blogging universe, so I appreciate the pointers and am off to check her out…but not without a ‘OMFG 800?!’ first. I have 220 or so and holy hell that’s gotta get trimmed back. How do you possibly manage that? Or are they all slackers?

  2. thepsychobabble

    You never fail to make my internet addiction seem small by comparison. (Purged the reader down to 107 blogs this weekend) Thank you for the self-esteem boost:p

    Although, I suspect you’ll probably cause an uptick in that number with these features. Damn your good taste.

  3. hello haha narf

    How did I miss this feature? I must have been slacking! Anyhow, I love this concept, even if it does mean that eventually I will lose even more of my life to the internet. Sigh.

    Faiqa is a spectacular choice for your first FOA. She is truly wonderful.

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