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How I Work

Note: This is not a post about how my brain works. Nobody can figure that shit out. Instead, this is a post inspired by the lovely Laurin Evans. She encouraged bloggers to write something talking about their work environment:

Most of us are sitting for a large chunk of the day, whether at home or at an office somewhere. We are doing freelance, working on our blogs, tweeting, or doing whatever we do at the computer, but we all have our method. If you are blogging from your lanai on a private island, I don’t want to hear about it. Okay, I do. Kind of.

I’m always wondering what people are doing and where they are when they’re blogging or tweeting, in a non-perverted way, of course. I’m frequently in my bed with a laptop, but I’m mostly working at my desk with a steady steam of coffee and chewy Spree. The point is, we are all doing our thing somewhere in our own special way.

Write a post that sets the scene and shows how you do it.

I thought I’d let a photo tell the whole story:

  1. This is my 30-inch monitor which allows me to keep my email, a browser, a text editor, and IM windows all open simultaneously.  I am either the multitasker or the ultimate procrastinator, depending on whether you’re a glass half full or empty kind of person.
  2. A 5 Hour Energy Drink, not to be consumed in conjunction with the Benadryl pictured in #4, because it will make you see things out of the corners of your eyes, numb your lips and nose, and make you want to sleep and dance at the same time.
  3. My Twilight sticker, picturing Alice.  I rub her for good luck.  And since I usually work in my manties or naked, then I rub something else for good luck.  It doesn’t always work, though, so I have to rub it repeatedly.
  4. See #2.
  5. My Logitech QuickCam Pro.  Perfect for taking quick photos of your nutsack or Skyping with friends across the world.  And some guy named Chris Hansen.
  6. My TV remote, receiver remote and Apple TV remote.  Essential tools if I’m going to watch TV or listen to music while I work.  More multitasking, you see.  This is how I managed to make it through four seasons of Dexter in 10 days.
  7. My iPhone, always on hand and charged in case there’s an emergency game of Words With Friends or Angry Birds that I need to play.
  8. A bacon sticker to remind me to eat lunch.  Or to go to Denny’s at 4 AM for bacon.
  9. Coke Zero, one essential part of a healthy breakfast.
  10. Peanut M&Ms, the other part.
  11. My TV, aka the altar to which I pray.  Without cable, I would atrophy and die.  In fact, tomorrow’s post is all about fall television!
  12. Actual work and bills.  I pile it there until I can convince someone else to take care of it.
  13. Hand sanitizer to be used 40 or 50 times a day, followed by hand lotion to avoid dryness.
  14. The sketches I do for posts, usually left there to collect dust until I accidentally spill Coke Zero all over them or knock them to the floor, at which point I throw them away.

Not pictured:  Bedroom to the immediate left, kitchen to the immediate right, pool directly behind me.

Needed:  Personal assistant and housekeeper to organize my desk, clean, pay bills, feed me Coke Zero, go grocery shopping, cook me meals, and run errands.

What’s your work environment like?

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70 Replies to “How I Work”

  1. pottymouthmommy

    heh- my work environment sounds oddly similar to yours… from the personal assistant/housekeeper/sexual object standpoint…. I also wrangle children…

    major differences: husband drinks pepsi, coke is of the devil!! Apple products are also of the devil and are not to be allowed on the premises… we also do not have a pool- it would be frozen for over half the year if we did…and I don’t clean pools…. cleaning toilets sucks bad enough!!!

  2. B.E. Earl

    I have a desk, but I only use it about 10% of my work time. The cats prefer to use it while I’m working. Either for a quick grooming or just a nap. I try to be as paperless as possible, so I do most everything on my laptop. Either while sitting on the couch or on my desk chair with my feet up on the couch. I sit right in front of a pair of large glass doors that go out to our patio which looks over a beautiful harbor. My view is my favorite part of the work day.

    Big difference from Gia’s desk at home. She is trying to be super-organized, but all I see is a lot of clutter and crap. She doesn’t need half of it, but what are ya gonna do?

  3. Little Miss Sunshine State

    Big comfy chair, with a big comfy ottoman and a laptop for blogging, IM,newspaper reading.
    Crazy-Big TV is on at all times. Coke Zero is to my immediate left.
    (My diabetic ass is coveting your Peanut Crack&M’s)

    Work where I get paid. The Shower Gel Store.

  4. Clown

    Over the years you’ve done this same post at least two other times. Next year you should do it again but post the past desk/office tours as well. Show off the changes, or in some cases, how things stay the same.

  5. Finn

    The first half of the day I work in an office. I have a desk (sans clutter) and dual monitors, one regular-sized one and one wide-screen that’s turned to portrait so I can see my newsletter pages full-size in a single screen.

    The second half of the day I work freelance at home in my pumpkin-colored office/den on my big Apple monitor.

  6. themomsmith

    I keep my iPhone next to me when I work too. But I work in my bed so sometimes it gets to sleep with me too. That only backfired one time when I accidentally called my mom when I was doing something entirely the opposite of work. Well, for me, anyway. I just have to lay there.

  7. Jess

    I think you might be privy to my post, because I am both an exquisite housekeeper and more organized than a day planner. Seriously, nothing yet has the full capabilities required to handle all. of. this.

  8. Greg

    I go for mountain dew, has a bigger kick to it. Like to have my laptop to my left, this is where I do my first draft of posts and other writing, then copy onto disk to my main computer, where I tweek it.

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