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Join me in Vegas on Saturday

At 8ish AM on Thursday morning, I fly to Los Angeles, where I will visit with my friend Maddie for a day, then travel on Friday with a whole group of friends to Las Vegas for the weekend for Nic’s birthday.

Saturday night is an OPEN INVITATION tweetup/birthday dinner at Yolo’s Mexican Grill in Planet Hollywood, and if you live near or in Vegas, you should come!

Just go here to RSVP.

If you live in other parts of the country, don’t despair – this fall, I’m traveling all over the place, and you’ll be able to find me in Vermont next week, Canada in October, Pittsburgh in November, Vegas AGAIN in December, and Utah over Christmas!

And it’s 11:39 on Wednesday night, and I still have about two hours of work plus I need to pack and clean my house before I leave the house at 6 AM. Β Anybody have that stopwatch from that Twilight Zone episode that could stop time?

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51 Replies to “Join me in Vegas on Saturday”

  1. Kirsten

    I thought about it, because I’m local, but y’all are the cool kids and I don’t do well pretending that I’m one too. Social anxiety, large groups, etc… Maybe there will be a smaller get-together when you’re here in December?

    As far as the time issue is concerned, I think you’re supposed to touch your index fingers together. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve seen it work on tv πŸ™‚

  2. Robin

    You’ve probably already left your house by now, but hope you have safe travels! I’m rather envious of your upcoming travel schedule. The demands of my minions preclude such adventures for me these days – but someday…

  3. Poppy

    I already told you safe travels, so, um…

    Say hi to Vermont for me when you get there! And if anyone treats you like shit slap them in the face and say “HOW DARE YOU!” then walk away. They won’t see that coming.

  4. domestic extraordinaire

    I so miss Vegas. I was only there once, but it was long enough for it to capture my heart.

    I may have to drive the 3 or so hours it takes to get to The Burgh when you are there in November. Because while I have stood among you many a times at different conferences I have never introduced myself. This year when I got up the courage to actually do so I looked up and you had left the area. Like totally disappeared into thin air. Although it was humid as heck in NYC at BlogHer so I am going to say it was really thick air that you disappeared into.

  5. designHer Momma

    1. I didn’t see indy on that list, you know casey and I would appreciate a visit.
    2. I’ll be in Vegas in Oct., and hopefully in Dec., are we talking about the same trip?
    3. miss you, would love to split a bottle of vodka with you asap.


    • Avitable

      @designHer Momma, I do want to come to Indy. I’m thinking maybe right after the wee’un is born. And I’ll be at the Brittany thing in December, so we’re definitely going to have some drinks! Miss you too. πŸ™‚

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