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30 Days of Truth Day 5: Something I Hope To Do

Before you read my post, have you seen my guest post over on MamaPop, where I talk about Calvin Klein and pose for scantily clad photos?

Click the image to go check it out.  Comments/stumbles are appreciated!

This is Day 5 of the 30 Days of Truth series. (Day 123 | 4).

What is something I hope to do in my life?

I have many aspirations and goals in my life.  I’d like to retire, to earn a million dollars, to have a family, to learn how to sing, learn how to dance, own my own movie theater, produce a movie, write a book, write a comic book, reach my goal weight, meet a President, travel the world, do stand-up comedy, outlive Lindsay Lohan, appear on TV, meet a personal hero, mentor, teach, fly, have super-speed, and many more.  But all of these dreams pale in comparison to the one thing I hope to do in my life:

I want to leave my mark.

I understand that over time, everything crumbles.  Over millennia, the names of our greatest minds will be lost, from Einstein to Newton to Picasso to Shakespeare.  It’s the fact, though, that they have persisted so long, that interests me.

I know I’m not a genius in any sense of the word.  Well, except when you look purely at the IQ level sense, but that doesn’t really mean anything.  I will never invent something that will revolutionize society or write the novel of my generation.

But maybe, just maybe, I can still make a mark that will last well beyond my death.  (Unless I can figure out this whole immortality thing.)  Maybe my words will make people laugh for many years.  Maybe my lack of shame will keep the “Avitable” name on the lips of future generations.

All I know is what I know how to do, so I will continue to do that for as long as I can, as well as I can, and hope that someday, someone else will look back and remember it.

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56 Replies to “30 Days of Truth Day 5: Something I Hope To Do”

  1. Muskrat

    Don’t you think you’ve earned a million bucks when you add up the past decade of working? Or does it have to be your net worth? I’m trying to help here…I assume you’ve reached one goal already.

    Also, some of the images you’ve created on this site have been burned into our brains forever, effectively leaving their “mark.” So, mission accomplished.

  2. SisterMerryHellish

    Perhaps you’ll be known as the man who made toenail polish THE symbol of masculinity. Or open the Avitable School for the Sexy-Eyebrow Raising Impaired. Hell, you’re already interviewing dead celebrities, there’s got to be some notoriety for that!

    So many possibilities…

  3. hpflo

    That was one sexy ass pose for clavin klein. Way to go, Adam! 😉
    I will remember you as the guy I looked forward to reading his blogs to brighten my day and give a laugh! Keep it up!!!

  4. Grant

    If you kill Lindsay Lohan then you can leave your mark, outlive Lindsay Lohan, and appear on TV all at once. If you’re lucky then a movie of the week will be made about the Avitable story and the awful prison food will help you achieve your goal weight. So that’s five things right there. You’re welcome.

  5. Lisa

    I don’t think you’re going to have a problem with outliving Lindsey Lohan. She appears to be modeling her life after River Phoenix.

    I think you’re leaving your mark. You’re definitely unforgettable!

      • Avitable

        @Faiqa, I had to reply to you here, but you’re missing my point. I’m not saying that women haven’t contributed to the world at all. I’m saying that history has reduced their contributions and that their names don’t have the same resonance as the names of men in history.

          • Faiqa

            @Avitable, Mary was real, infidel. FINE. Okay, how about Cleopatra, Queen Victoria or Queen Elizabeth I? And even Amelia Earhart… I’d say she resonates as well as Lindbergh. I think you’re skimming over how much of your personal perspective colors whether these women “resonate” or not. The fact is that you chose men in your example above because you buy into the overarching belief that women, even the ones like Elizabeth, Victoria or Cleopatra who expanded their nation’s influence to dominate half of the world, don’t carry the same amount of literary weight in terms of “making your mark”. We will ignore the masculine undertones of “making one’s mark” in favor of brevity, btw.

            The fact is your words imply that you buy into the idea that they weren’t as important or notable and you’re basing that simply on the fact that they’re women. That, my friend, is sexist. I propose these women were both notable and resonant. They just don’t resonate to YOU because you associate masculinity with making one’s mark.

            Also, let us not forget that Elizabeth I shows up in 3 modern movies that I’ve seen, as I recall, whereas Shakespeare is only in one. And in the one that had Shakespeare, Elizabeth bossed him around.

          • Avitable

            @Faiqa, Queen Elizabeth might be a name that people will remember over the passage of time. I think those women are just as important. I also realize that they’re not as well-known as they should be. Victoria? Nobody knows who the fuck Victoria is. And neither Amelia Earheart nor Lindbergh will be remembered in another 50 years.

            Let’s take the average world citizen, of age 18, and ask them to name 10 people from history. I wonder how many of them would be women.

          • Avitable

            @Faiqa, that’s the whole point of this. Leaving a mark doesn’t mean that historians and eggheads remember you. It means that the average knucklehead has a poster of you on his wall.

        • Avitable

          @Poppy, the more present time is included, but I didn’t mention any men from the present time either. It’s hard to see who’s going to leave their mark unless it’s been at least several decades.

          • Avitable

            @Poppy, yeah, she made a valuable contribution, but not someone that will necessarily withstand the test of time. Even Newton will eventually get lost, I think. How many kids today do you think know who Marie Curie is?

          • Poppy

            @Avitable, you are not capable of saying “I was wrong” in a public forum, are you.

            Are you saying that a chemist and physicist who won a Nobel prize and who is taught in every school doesn’t deserve mention along with the boys? We’re not even specifically talking about Marie Curie. We’re talking about you saying that there are no women of note who lived until 1973 when PICASSO DIED. Do you understand how recent these people existed?

          • Avitable

            @Poppy, I’m not wrong. I’m not talking about “women of note”. I’m talking about people who made marks that are essentially eternal.

            And 100 years from now, I hope that Marie Curie and Frida Kahlo and women like that will be remembered, but I doubt it.

          • Faiqa

            @Avitable, So, the woman who gave birth to Jesus, also known as the Virgin Mary was not a person of note? Interesting.

            Queen Esther
            Abigail Adams
            Betsy Ross
            Queen Elizabeth I
            Harriet Beecher Stowe
            Harriet Tubman
            Ann Frank
            Indira Ghandi
            Clara Barton
            Eleanor Roosevelt
            Gloria Steinem
            Amelia Earhart

            It is not that they’re absent from history or that they didn’t make their mark… it’s that certain people who read history choose to diminish their notability. And yet, if it weren’t for Queen Elizabeth I, we might not have fucking had British Imperialism. I think 2/3 of the world would argue that this was one notable bitch.

            You are so damned wrong on this it is not even funny. I mean, really. NOT funny. You’re not cool when you’re doped up on Nyquil, dude.

  6. mapsgirl

    You say you want to leave your mark in the same post that links to pictures of you in underwear that emphases your package. If you didn’t clarify that kind of mark you wanted to leave, I might have said it was a success.

    I read thru the “lack of women” comments and I do get their point, but for a man choosing to make his mark it kinda makes sense for you to associate yourself with prominent men. If you were a woman, I would think that you’d choose women to mirror yourself after.

    In the end, this is your blog and your opinions. And an opinion is just that…an opinion, it’s not right or wrong.

  7. Katharina

    In ancient Greece there was a guy called Herostratos, who burnt down the Temple of Artemis (one of the 7 wonders of the world) to achieve immortality, reasoning that his name would forever be remembered for this act. Authorities tried to prevent that by forbidding to mention his name ever again, but failed. Obviously. Think about it…
    (I have never heard of a similar legend involving a woman. Either they’re not that destructive or they’re not remembered for it.)

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