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Florida in October

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49 Replies to “Florida in October”

  1. Red Lotus Mama

    Awesome new toe nail polish! I got OPI Significan Other Color (a light purple) today and am loving it. We are finally having the typical SD Fall weather and I am loving it. Spent a good portion of the day on the back patio myself.

      • Employee No. 3699

        Chlorine? In India? What a concept. It would be awesome, though I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing a bathing suit here.

        My husband took the people in his office to a water park a few months ago and the women wore leggings and long t-shirts. In fact, the Muslim woman had to get special permission to do that. She ended up getting some sun and when she took off her wristband she thought she had a chemical burn. Paul had to point out to her that the skin looked lighter around her wrist because she had gotten sun on the rest of her arm.

  2. Blondefabulous

    Did you actually get in the water? We went down to the pool in our complex yesterday, and where I was enjoying the sunshine in the bikini I fit into now, the minute my feet touched the water I jumped back and retreated to my lounge chair! Damn that shit was cold!!

  3. Tara R.

    No matter which state I’ve lived in – Tenn. or Fla. – October is still my favorite month. The foliage in TN is gorgeous in the fall, and the temps in FL (and the lack of tourists) in October are perfect.

  4. B.E. Earl

    It’s been surprisingly nice here in the Northeast so far this October. Chilly at nights, but warm and sunny during the day. That will probably only last another couple of days though. Then the harsh reality of wearing socks again.

  5. mapsgirl

    Now I understand why all the Canadians head your way this time of year. I could take pics like that at my neighbours pool right now. It’s warm and sunny outside but it would take a big dare with a lot of money involved for me to actually go in.

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