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My review of Jackass 3D and other things

  • Yesterday I watched the recent opus from Johnny Knoxville and crew, Jackass 3D.  I’ve seen all the previous iterations of this group, from some of their CKY videos to the TV show (and Wild Boyz and Viva La Bam!) to Jackass 1, 2, and 2.5.  I love their reckless abandon, their ability to get down and dirty, and their skills at staring fear and pain in the eye and only flinching a little.The newest movie was made using the same 3D cameras as Avatar, along with a special rig that was manufactured exclusively for Jackass – a super-slow motion 3D camera that shoots 1,000 frames per second.  This technology is used to its limits, and watching a fat half-naked man get shot in the stomach with a high-speed medicine ball in slow motion and 3 crisp dimensions is absolutely hysterical.

    I think this might be my favorite Jackass creation.  While it still pushes the envelope in the terms of pain, humiliation, and gross humor, there’s a bittersweet aspect to it.  You can tell that the whole gang is getting older, and that they know they can’t take quite the same abuse as before (Preston Lacy is the oldest at 41, Knoxville is 39, Chris Pontius and Steve-O are 36 – the youngest, Bam Margera, is 31).  The end of the movie seems almost like a farewell, showing young Jackassians on film doing some of their earlier stunts before they had families, mortgages and tattoos of dicks on their asses.  I hope this isn’t their last film, though – I want to see one reunion film in about 15-20 years when they show that they can still take a hit or poop on command.

    You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp, and you may gag a little.  But this is what 3D was made for!

  • If you have a free minute, will you click over here and vote for my friend Loukia’s blog as the Best Canadian Family Blog of 2010?  Her blog is “Lou Lou’s Views”.
  • Let me just say something to all of you published authors out there.  You might think it’s pretty cool to have your work published and your name on the front cover, but you know what’s even more awesome?  Having your quote published on the back of someone else’s book! (Ok, it’s not really more awesome.  I’m jealous.)

    Go here to buy her book now!

  • Check out the new Friend of Avitable in the sidebar – give Finn some bloggy love!
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26 Replies to “My review of Jackass 3D and other things”

  1. Kim

    I’m going to see it Sunday too ! I can’t wait. have always loved Jackass, it gives me a respite from life’s real jackasses ! And we all need those ! Respites, not jackasses. Unless we love them, and then that’s ok.

    Uhm, ok, I’m done now. ; )

    PS – I voted ! YAY !

  2. Becky

    I am so excited to have my morning coffee with Avitable every day. Does it come with spit guard for those mornings there are pictures of your balls on your blog with no warning? Maybe you should offer screen guards for those days. Just an idea.

  3. Blondefabulous

    I haven’t been able to watch a jackass episode ever since I stumbled on the one where the guy shoved a toy car up his ass then went to the doctor with the story, “I was at a party drunk, passed out, and now my ass hurts.”

    Although,….. the “high 5” thing looks fucking hilarious!

  4. Loukia

    Jackass is always hilarious! Awful, but so funny. Jackass sort of reminds me of Tom Green. He’s from Ottawa, did you know? He used to do the craziest things. Like a PG version of Jackass.
    Thanks for the mention, too! 🙂 Super sweet.
    And! Your quote is above The Bloggess? Awesome.
    Going to check out Finn’s blog – love discovering new blogs.
    Last thing – you should give everyone a mug at BlissDom! 🙂

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