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Who lives in my head?

Brittany shared the little people who lived in her head, and so did Ali.  I loved the idea, so now I’m introducing you to the little people who live in my head:

Who lives in your head?

In other news, are you on my Christmas card list yet?  I’m closing the list soon, so send me your address now!

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32 Replies to “Who lives in my head?”

  1. Loukia

    OH! Fun! I want to play too! Who lives in my head?

    Cher Horowitz
    Elle Woods
    Charlotte Flax
    Eric Cartman

    — If only characters from movies and TV shows live in my head, does that mean I’m not really real? Hmm…

    Also, perhaps I’ll see the people in my head more clearly after I get some sleep.

  2. Moon HalloranLeady

    Well dangit, as Brittany has already stolen Gilda and Lucy outta my head I guess imma hafta think on this a bit more….

    Woody Allen lives there, and his neuroses are starting to bug me. A lot. But I still love him nonetheless.

    Steve Martin. I kinda like him there. He keeps me amused and away from the sharp things.

    John Lennon. That dude is totally ingrained in my membrane.

    Dar Williams. Singer/songwriter extraordinaire…and if you don’t know who she is then you should or I won’t love you anymore.

    My ex. Because, dammit….20 years with someone will do that to you, even if you hayte him.

    William Shakespeare…because I doth cherish the words he has wrote so well.

    But Gilda, mainly. Totally Gilda

    Because it’s always something…

  3. Employee No. 3699

    Uhm, pretty much just me for the most part, but I like my own company so I’m good.

    I filled out your form and am expecting a totally kick ass Christmas card complete with jingle ‘balls’ and pedicured mistletoe. Now I just need your address to reciprocate.

  4. JamesTheBored14YearOld

    In my head lives :

    Eric cartman,
    Kyle brovlovski (guessed spelling of course),
    Stan marsh,
    Kenny until he dies
    Zippy rainbow because he was an awesome friend growing up (my mum even bought a puppet of him and did the voice with alarming accuracy, i love my mum 🙂 )

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