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Dontcha wish your girlfriend was in Vegas like me?

If you . . .

  • Live in Vegas;
  • Live near Vegas;
  • Live within 500 miles of Vegas;
  • Have enough miles or rewards for a free plane ticket to Vegas;
  • Have $200 sitting around for a rainy day so you can escape to Vegas;
  • Hate the snow and need to go somewhere warm, like Vegas; and/or
  • Love me and other awesome bloggers who will be gathering in Vegas;

You should get your ass to Vegas from December 10-12th.  Starting out as a renewal of wedding vows for Brittany, it has turned into a balls-out blogger bash.

There is an amazingly cheap room rate at the MGM Grand, and the event itself is free, but you must register now and reserve your hotel immediately!  Go here to join the rest of us who will be attending “I Still Do” in Vegas!

‘Who’s the “rest of us”?’ you ask?  Well, I don’t know the whole list of 100 bloggers who will be attending, but here are some people that I know will be showing up to this little shindig:

The * depicts guests who have not yet responded to their invitation and, in fact, may never have been sent an invitation in the first place.

Be there or be obtuse.

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56 Replies to “Dontcha wish your girlfriend was in Vegas like me?”

  1. Clown

    I’m trying to book my ticket now but I hoping to get in a plane with some of the other bloggers. Can you help me figure out the best date and time to fly out? You’re in Orlando too, right?

  2. martymankins

    The discount room rate expired on Nov 15th. Regardless, this is a cool event. I should consider this, since I am less then 500 miles away. But time is less plentiful than money. It may be a week before the event before I would know to make it.

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