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The Cougar Cruise

CNN reported that the “Cougar Cruise” launches again next month.  It’s a three-night trip designed to bring together women in their 40s and 50s with “cubs” in their 20s or 30s.  I stumbled over the itinerary for this trip to the Bahamas and wanted to share it with you:

In other Avita-news, today is the birthday of an old man who is like dirty Santa. He blogs over at “The Verdant Dude” about movies, beer, sports, and cats. Happy birthday, Curley!

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32 Replies to “The Cougar Cruise”

  1. Poppy

    Awesome. Glad they added post-coffee breaks. I’m only in my 30s and I need those.

    HOW DID YOU KNOW IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY?! Are you his friend on Facebook?! I can’t find him. :-/

    (I know today’s post says it’s his birthday, but I’m pretty sure you knew already, which makes you a better friend to him than I am and I CANNOT HAVE THAT.)

  2. B.E. Earl

    Before the whole “cougar” thing came into vogue, we used to call them sharks back in the day. We even used to go to “shark night” at a local upscale bar where all the 40-something women in the area would go cruising in packs for younger man-meat. Cougar probably works better in this instance though. I don’t think many folks would plunk down money for a Shark Cruise.

    And, ahem, old man? Dude! I prefer middle-aged. 😉

  3. Natalie

    So….what I am getting from these comments is that there are a whole lot of us “pro-narcotic”, “pro-sex”, “pro-hedonism” types out there who have very loose morals and no sense of propriety when it comes to humor.

    Cheers to you my friends! Maybe we’ll meet at on this cruise when I turn 40.

  4. JChevais

    I’ve been living in Europe too long. It took me forever to figure out what the hell a “Cougar” was (finally figured it out when I was watching a “documentary” on Cap d’Agde’s naturiste/echangiste population/holiday goers. BTW: The French pronouce Cougar ‘Cooooo gaaahhh’…)

    I’m not sure if I want someone to explain “No Jimmy Hat”…

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