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I was a cute kid. What the fuck happened?

This Thanksgiving, my grandfather gave me some pages from a photo album that I’m assuming my grandmother had put together.  I can’t pinpoint what went wrong, but at some point I went from cute kid to douchey, awkward teen to confident, douchey adult.

1977, age 6 months
1978, age 14 months. Dad, age 26. Mom, age 24.
1978, age 14 months. Uncle Howard, age 16ish.
1990 - Age 13. Meagan, age 10. Mom, age 36.
1990 - Age 13. Meagan, age 10. Sean, age 7.
1994, age 17. Senior high school photo.
2010, age 33. Super douchetastic!
2040, age 63?
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76 Replies to “I was a cute kid. What the fuck happened?”

  1. Clown

    How come when I tell you how douchey your hat or sunglasses make you look you try to argue with me and say they are stylish and cool. You realize that after this post you don’t ever get to argue with me on that again, because if you do you’ll have to admit to fishing for compliments… And that, my friend, would take us full circle, back to douchey.

    Also, I’m surprised you didn’t include the homeless/angry grizzly bear photo that’s in your sidebar. Nobody would try to say you look douchey there, although they may ask if you could show them where all of your victims bodies were buried.

    I’m a good friend!

  2. Biz

    You either grew into your eyebrows or discovered tweezers by high school. I think you were always adorable and continue to be to this day. Personal opinions of ourselves aren’t valid, so don’t bother telling me you aren’t. I think you’ve actually gotten better looking with age. You look a little wasted during those younger years…whiskey in the baby bottle? Why start covering the goodies when you are 63? Do you become modest in your elder years? Nice socks gaylord.

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