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30 Days of Truth Day 15 – Something/someone I can’t live without

This is Day 15 of the 30 Days of Truth series. (Day 12345678910111213 | 14).

What or who can’t I live without?

Who can’t I live without?  Nobody.  There are definitely people in my life whose absence would be extremely difficult, but I can’t objectively say that there’s anyone whose absence would make it impossible for me to continue living.

What can’t I live without? I’d like to be glib and say that I couldn’t live without chocolate or the Internet, but I could.  I think that the only thing I couldn’t live without would be intellectual stimulation.  Whether it would be books, movies, television, or just a pen and a stack of paper, it wouldn’t be a life of any kind without some type of mental exercising.  So that’s what I can’t live without.

Also, my penis.

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15 Replies to “30 Days of Truth Day 15 – Something/someone I can’t live without”

  1. Thursday's Child

    Intellectual stimulation is a pretty big deal for me, too. Every week, it seems like there’s something else about me that you talk about.

    It’s kind of neat because, well, because it lets me know that I’m not broken, and someone like me can be happy and successful.

    Sorry if this was too sappy and not witty enough.

  2. Kirsty

    I’m gradually beginning to realise that I can’t live (or at least, not live very happily or well) without a man in my life to give me some comfort from time to time. But I guess I’ll get used to it eventually.
    On a cheerier note, your Christmas card was posted this morning (you’re in luck, it’s the only one sent out so far), so keep your eyes peeled and be careful of the jagged edge on the back of the envelope, I managed to cut my finger on it just sealing the damn thing *sigh*
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Loukia

    I couldn’t live without my children, period.

    Also, I like intellectual stimulation as your answer. For me, too. I need books. And news. And TV shows and movies. And especially music. Couldn’t live without music. (I wonder about the Internet? It would be ridiculously hard.)

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