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The top 5 TV shows on DVD that you should buy as gifts

If you’re still looking for gifts to give to friends, family, or me, here’s my list of the top 5 TV shows available on DVD or Blu Ray at this time.

5. 30 Rock. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin have a dynamic that is reminiscent of Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting, without the sexual tension. It’s funny and smart and, once again, meets a criteria of mine for a television show – it does not talk down to the audience. The best shows are the ones that treat the audiences as if they’re intelligent. Seasons: Currently still on air with season 5.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sometimes when I suggest this show to people, I want to suggest that they skip the first season and begin watching season 2. Season 1 is a bit “Monster of the Week”, but it does lay the groundwork for an amazingly rich continuity that lasts through the entire series. If you don’t cry at least once while watching this series, you have no soul. Seasons: 7.

3. Community. A half-hour comedy that doesn’t telegraph its jokes, doesn’t talk down to its audience, doesn’t star Charlie Sheen, shows what geeks are actually like, and heralded the genius return of Chevy Chase? Who would think that something like this would work? Not only does it work, but Community works on multiple levels. It’s funny and almost requires repeat viewings to catch every little nuance. It might start off a bit slow, but as it picks up steam, it’s risen in the ranks to my favorite TV show currently on TV. Stars Joel McHale from E!’s “The Soup”, and he’s actually really good! Seasons: Currently still on air with season 2.

2. Firefly. The outskirts of space is more likely to be like the Old West than Star Trek, according to this funny, dark, and brilliant concept by Joss Whedon. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like westerns and don’t like “space shows”. You’ll like this. Follow it up with the movie “Serenity”. Seasons: 1.

1.  Veronica Mars. Sharply written noir in a high school setting. It’s one of the best series I’ve ever seen, and I have yet to find a single person who didn’t watch the season premiere and find it compelling, if not fascinating. Seasons: 3.

Honorable Mentions: Pushing Daisies, Tru Blood, Sopranos, LOST, The Office, Seinfeld, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Scrubs, Remington Steele, Police Squad, Sledge Hammer!, Profit

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15 Replies to “The top 5 TV shows on DVD that you should buy as gifts”

  1. Maddie Marie

    omg, can i just say how much i love the fact that you like veronica mars? when corey was out of town a few weeks ago i barricaded myself and the dog is the bedroom and we watched veronica mars….non stop. i used to watch it when i was like 15 when it came out and i loved it. it’s sad that it got cancelled. more people should watch it.
    i also love it because i was a lot like veronica in high school….snarky and couldn’t care less what others thought of me. =) good pick, adam!

  2. Grant

    I don’t recommend Firefly because the actual number of seasons = 1/2. It starts good and then dies just when it’s becoming something truly special. And then there’s two or three graphic novels I haven’t found yet, and then you flash forward to the movie that is good but has to cram several seasons of character development into one film. It’s a fine example of a great idea ruined by Hollywood bean counters.

    Good call on Veronica Mars, though.

  3. Thursday's Child

    The wife and I are working through Buffy, and you’re dead-on about season 1. But, it’s pretty good stuff going forward.

    Also, I haven’t started Veronica Mars yet, but only because I’ve binged my way through 30Rock thanks to Hulu. Now THAT is good TV.

  4. Megan

    I am about halfway through the first season of “Buffy.” The only reason I even started watching it was that everyone raved about it. I’m thrilled to hear that it gets better because I’m enjoying it already.

  5. Dan

    I’m currently just finishing up on watching Firefly, and then Veronica Mars is the next box set I have lined up to watch.

    I’ve heard too many good things from too many people about it and so have to check it out.

    After that it’s 24 I think. I’m so bloody behind it’s untrue.

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