Nobody cares what your Klout is.

Klout is a site that uses hoodoo, weather patterns, and random calculations to assign you a score based on your ability as a user of Twitter. Yes, it’s as stupid as it sounds and encourages people to come up with ways to get a high score without understanding why they should even bother. Hint: They shouldn’t. It fosters an attitude that there is a “right” way to use Twitter and has absolutely zero effect on real life.

So you don’t have to waste your time getting your score, here’s my Klout score:

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54 Replies to “Nobody cares what your Klout is.”

  1. Blondefabulous

    Every time I see someone tweet “This was my first tweet.” or “This is my twitter quotient” or some other crap, I think about how many of those damn sites are really just trying to steal my info.

    And hell, I know I have no klout, so what the fuck do I need a web site to remind me about it. Fuckers!

    • Avitable

      @Blondefabulous, I don’t think this one steals info, but I think they just foster this attitude that there’s a right way to use Twitter. I hate that. Only *I* can tell people the right way to use Twitter!

  2. Kim - Mommycosm

    lol – Love your results.

    Unfortunately, PR companies are starting to care about Klout scores…especially since Google hasn’t updated their Page Ranks since mid-2010. SO, those of us who want to work with PR companies need to care at least a little about Klout score. *sigh*

    • Avitable

      @Kim – Mommycosm, PR companies don’t know what they fuck they’re talking about. There are people out there with 400 followers who have a higher Klout score than people with 30,000. And I’m sorry, but if you have more influence with 400, it still doesn’t make you more valuable than the person with 30,000 followers.

      It’s like Technorati – something that means absolutely nothing, and eventually companies will realize that. But if you put forth effort into trying to keep a “good” Klout score, you lose authenticity and the organic nature that comes with using Twitter because you have something to say. You lose followers and you lose real influence over people.

      • Kim - Mommycosm

        @Avitable, Oh, I don’t disagree with you one bit. Just wanted to point out that someone does care.

        I don’t think there is ANY good metric out there to instantly judge “influence” online. Period. Not Klout. Not Technorati. Not Alexa. Not Google’s abandoned PageRank.

          • Kim - Mommycosm

            @Avitable, The last confirmed update that I can find was April 2010…9 months ago. The rumors are flying that they aren’t going to update again. No official word though. I still get asked for PageRank from PR companies all the time.

          • Kim - Mommycosm

            @Avitable – OK, I eat my words about PageRank. Apparently they are updating now. Mine just went done, which is hilarious b/c I took my blog from hobby to business in the last 9 months and have (organically) increased readership, hits, subscription, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, etc, etc. How the hell do they figure this crap out anyway?! Pisses me off.

  3. ChopperPapa

    ‘douche canoe’?!?!? Granted I am from the south so please have sympathy…but could someone explain what exactly that means, or did they randomly had nouns to the end of the word douche hoping it’d sound funny?!?!

    Maybe that would increase my Klout score: douche banana, douche dog collar, douche swizzle stick, douche corndog…..douche whatever!

  4. yknot

    I really could care less about my supposed Klout. Apparantly so many folks are pumping Twitter for Fun & Profit that a tool like that is needed. Don’t get me wrong; I like some of the folks I’ve met doing it Ahem-@missbritt,@looneytunes etc… but by no means everybody. I can’t even yell you &ow many I’ve never followed or unfollowed as soon as I saw what they were up to.

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