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Things I did this weekend

This weekend, I . . .

  • Played 28 hours of DC Universe Online.
  • Slept 12 hours.
  • Drank booze and played board games with friends for 5 hours.
  • Ate at restaurants for 1 hour.
  • Looked at porn for 1 hour.
  • Spent one hour writing a 5-minute comedy routine for my stand-up class tonight.

What did you do this weekend?

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53 Replies to “Things I did this weekend”

  1. Brahm (alfred lives here)

    Pretty much the same thing, except drop the 28 hours of video games and add in 9 hours of twitter stalking, shopping for clothes two sizes larger than I was last summer, seeing three movies, driving to the gym and home without going in, three naps on sofa with dogs, and eating pizza four meals in a row.

  2. ellie mae

    I worked for 16 hours straight, you jackass. Then I ate scrambled eggs, washed my uniform and worked another 12. It was relatively quiet. I didn’t save any lives, but I did see a lot of vomit. And poop.

  3. B.E. Earl

    I stayed in bed for 18 hrs a day trying to fight off this fucking cold I’ve got. Too tired to masturbate. Never thought that would happen.

    By the by, what character do you play on DC Universe Online? (as if I have to ask)

  4. Angela

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Hmm.. It’s thrilling!
    Worked for about 10 hours.
    Slept about 8 hours since Friday.
    Spent 2 hours putting together a spin bike, used it for 1 hour.
    Twitter/FB/blogs–6 hours.
    Watched TV–4 hours.
    Rearranged my entire house by myself–8 hours.
    Painting, going on 3 hours now.
    Remaining 7 hours…. mom stuff with the kiddos.
    Before I had kids you could replace mom stuff with Sim City ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Kimberly

    Board games and booze? My favorite kind of plans!
    Friday – Dinner with friends for a bday!
    Saturday – woke up, walked the dog, showered, changed into clean jammies, and didn’t leave the house again until Sunday
    Sunday – errands, dinner at A/O/C for Dine LA
    Weekends go by way too fast!

  6. Lisa

    I ran
    watched The Departed
    tried to watch Salt, but my DVD player hates it
    did grocery shopping and laundry
    wrote some stuff
    took some pictures
    made kickass steaks
    Yeah, that’s about it.

  7. Blondefabulous

    Went to roller derby practice for 3 hours.
    Went shopping for 7 hours collectively.
    Ate in restaurants for 4 hours collectively.
    Rearranged the furniture for 3 hours.
    Had sex w/husband 1 hour.
    Watched Royal Rumble for 3 hours & want to demand my money back from Vince McMahon!
    Slept a total of 14 hours.

    Nothing special going on here!

  8. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Stripping and re-making three kids’ beds with new comforters (excitement!)
    Torturing my ab muscles through crunches and many other nefarious exercises.
    Having Sunday night dinner with old friends

    Oh, and, writing a blog post! I know! OMG!!!!11!!1!!

  9. muskrat

    cleaned out closet of clothes i don’t wear any more to give away.
    hung a bunch of pictures that have been on the floor for 2 mos after painting.
    tried to teach a 15yo how to drive.
    watched “inception” and “iron man 2” (both for the second time).
    ate a bunch of home made chocolate chip cookies.
    played outside with children and dogs, since it was nearly 70 degrees.
    signed a new realtor contract to put house back on the market.
    answered work emails and prepped for today’s deposition.

  10. Sybil Law

    Slept for about 12 hours, cooked for about 3 hours, cleaned up cooking messes for a total of about 2 hours, ran errands for 3 hours, went to an Open House for 1/2 hour, out to eat for an hour, tried to start a book… shit. I don’t know – this weekend was boring but kind of nice and fairly drama free. I liked it.

  11. RAY

    2 Hrs indoor golf range
    2 hr dinner with wife
    rec’d 1 bj from wife
    4 hrs online poker
    1 hr breakfast with wife
    2 hrs watching golf on TV
    1 hr internet porn
    14 hrs sleeping
    3 hrs surfing web for cruise deals
    1 hr shoveling snow

  12. Kirsty

    Slept in on Saturday morning (got the kids well trained – they get up, put a DVD on and wait for me to emerge!), watched Mad Men episodes Saturday afternoon (kiddos were with their dad), pizza in the evening with the girls, then worked (= some work, lots of FB, Twitter, YouTube – woefully underproductive) till I almost passed out.
    Sunday – got the girls ready to go off with their dad for the day, went back to bed till midday (bliss!), saw “Hereafter” on my own and sobbed pretty much all the way through and all the way home (I’m a sensitive little snowflake, doncha know), homework with the girls, kid-wrangling (plus Glee episodes) till they hit the hay, then more “work” till forfuck’ssake o’clock, then bed, exhausted.
    Not a fantastic weekend, but pretty much OK really (wish I’d chosen a more uplifting film, though…)

      • Kirsty

        @Avitable, Yeah, it’s the new Clint film and it has Matt Damon and a French actress who’s quite well known here (Cรฉcile de France). It’s (unsurprisingly, given the title) about death, losing people you love, the hereafter, near death experiences, that kind of thing. It’s not really a depressing film, but somehow it really got to me. Might have to watch something totally mindless to cancel it out…

  13. hello haha narf

    bundled up and threw the ball for the dogs, went to the new public market in the strip district, hung out with aunt kate and uncle butch, hung out with the (not so) new guy and his kid, saw green lantern, laid on my couch most of sunday trying to to be sick, was sick anyway

  14. Issa

    Ran a few errands. Took my kids out to eat a few times. Cleaned a few bathrooms. Did eleventy billion loads of laundry. Played Super Mario Bros on wii for I’d say three hours on Saturday. Ignored my son’s 14 tantrums yesterday, hoping he’d just stop. Yeah, he didn’t.

    I think that’s pretty much the highlights.

      • Stacy

        @Avitable, Thanks! It is indeed hard, but I was married at 19 and people change alot between 19 and 34. Just too different now. At least we are being civil for now…LOL AND, I get to take a road trip next month to take my mind off the whole thing for a bit.

  15. Jeanne

    basically helped a friend move and clean ALL weekend. Sat night dinner at a “Benihana” type place with 2 friends on my dime, and watched Salt. Exciting stuff!

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