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Holy Soap, Batman!

Upon encountering this box in the hotel bathroom, my first thought was “Ooh, I always wanted an empty box!”

My second thought, after reading the back, was “Sometimes people just overthink things.”

The back of the box says “This innovative ergonomically shaped “waste reducing” soap has been designed to eliminate the unused center of traditional soap bars . . .”

I don’t usually use soap bars – I’m more of a body wash user – but when I do, I tend to use the entire bar, down to a tiny little sliver, until it slips out of my hands and goes down the drain. I don’t think that being green has anything to do with making a soap doughnut. Why not just make the soap smaller? Or use a dispenser in the shower that can be refilled with liquid soap? I’m going to make an assumption that the apparatus required to cut a hole in the middle of a normal bar of soap (or to pour an exact soap doughnut) probably takes much more effort than just shrinking the size by 50%.

This is an example of somebody trying to be environmentally conscious but actually being really fucking dumb. Stupid hippies.

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22 Replies to “Holy Soap, Batman!”

  1. Maddie Marie

    typically i just cut the centers out of my soap and throw them away. this handy soap eliminates my need to do that. thanks environmentally aware hippie soap makers!=)

  2. Lyndsy

    I think Roy has a good point. It’s like those Disney animators who like to slip little nasty bits into the movies.

    Yes, this is clearly a case of someone posing as an environmentalist with the ultimate goal of putting a cock ring in every hotel.

  3. Miss

    Fucking hippies. Don’t they realize how much of that shit goes to WASTE in hotels? You rubbed that bar of soap on your ass once, maybe twice and left it in the shower and now the maid is going to throw it away. Multiply that by how many rooms that hotel has and then you know how much hotels are really being wasteful. For fun, add in the mini shampoo and conditioner bottles.

    Wow, guess you didn’t know my secret obsession with hotels wasting soap. NOW YOU DO.

  4. Blondefabulous

    They’re hoping the soap bar looks so cool you won’t care about the wasted energy it takes to produce, power, and man the machine that makes it! When I cleaned houses, we routinely threw away the old soap bars when they were tiny and went under the sink and replaced it with a fresh bar placed nicely in the soap dish. It’s the little things……

  5. gingermandy

    I’m all about being green but this is ridiculous. Ridiculous in a totally awesome way. I have a few friends who are super pretentious greenies with a holier than thou attitude about it… I think I have to buy a few of these as gag gifts.

  6. Krëg

    See, sh!t like that is the reason that instead of sleeping in some fancy and wasteful hotel, I sleep in a wet ditch; and instead of washing with soap and water, I wash with nothing and nothing. That wasteful soap the reason, NOT my rampant alcoholism.

  7. Poppy

    Hey, Name Caller, do you have proof that hippies made that soap? I think some money hungry shit-for-brains fresh out of a triple degree in poli sci, marketing, and “business” came up with that.


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