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Questions to ponder

Don’t you have to tard something first before you can do it again?

Do you think Helen Keller told seeing people jokes?

If something sells really terribly, what word can you use that’s the opposite of hotcakes?

If zombies didn’t eat brains, but ate pussy instead, do you think more girls would enjoy zombie movies?

If you’re fat, don’t you think going with your gut is the worst idea?

Why can we erect a building, but sex doesn’t end with me demolishing her vagina?

If you have an erotic dream, wake up with a hard-on, jerk off, then go back to sleep, is it considered a wet dream?

Do you think that we would hate our enemies more if they were called enemas?

Doesn’t “cock-a-doodle-doo” sound like anal sex gone horrible awry?

What do dirty fish vaginas smell like?

Do you think woodchucks ever have aspirations?

Do Mexican clowns all climb out of the back of a pickup truck?

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18 Replies to “Questions to ponder”

  1. Angie M.

    mexican clowns come out of volkswagon bugs. i witnessed it one time while visiting family in mexico.
    so check that off your questions to ponder, you now know the answer 😉

  2. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Yes. As in “I done tar’d and feather’d that sumbitch. Now, I’ma gonna have to retar’d his yuppie ass.”

    Yes. Undoubtedly.

    “Those ice cubes are selling like used condoms on a hot day.”

    No. We would only enjoy said movies if they chewed on dicks.

    I disagree. The bigger the gut, the better the chance of getting it right. Kind of like a dowsing rod.

    Um, can’t help you there.

    Sure. Why not?

    Well, some people enjoy enemas.

    When you put it that way, yeah. It does.

    Dirty badger?

    No. They’re happy just chucking wood. As are you.

    Yes. And then they promptly beat your ass.

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