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Where I’ve been aka being one whoring muthafucka

I haven’t been posting daily now for a few weeks, and it’s been a relief. With writing/doing comedy at night and working during the day, I had been feeling pressure from blogging daily, and it’s been nice to only write when I want to say something.

In addition, I write for two other sites and thought I’d briefly share some of my recent posts with you.

Over at MoxieBird, I . . .

Over at MamaPop, I . . .

Also, I’ve been doing comedy and have a few of my sets up on Youtube:

My very first set at the Orlando Improv Pro-Am:

My second set at the Orlando Improv, as part of my graduation from Gary Menke’s comedy class:

My third set at the Orlando Improv for another Pro-Am:

Oh, and I go to Tijuana Flats so frequently to eat that I am an honorary employee, as evidenced by this official shirt I was given yesterday when I went for lunch!

Tijuana Flats Honorary Employee Shirt

This also means that while I’ve been reading some blogs, I have not been the commenter that I used to pride myself on being. It’s been hard to sacrifice some of my contributions to this community to pursue comedy, but I’m still around and don’t plan on going anywhere. I’m just . . . busier, I guess. And that’s never a bad thing.

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15 Replies to “Where I’ve been aka being one whoring muthafucka”

  1. Sybil Law

    Whatever, fucker. Excuses, excuses. I do believe I saw you say recently, “I can sleep when I’m dead”, or something like that!
    Fucker. Non commenting fucker.
    Sooo need to go to bed…

  2. Tina

    Plan Q! Bahahaha! You are a funny mutha, Adam Avitable. Glad to see you pursuing your passion. Comedy, it’s your life, right? Or your life is comedy…something like that.

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