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My Interview with Leonard Stern, Creator of Mad Libs

Mad Libs

Leonard Stern, the creator of Mad Libs, died on Thursday, and I was excited at the opportunity to speak with him after he passed away.

Me: Thank you for speaking with me, Mr. Stern.

LS: It is my scrumptious pleasure.

Me: Umm, okay. Mine too. I have to say that I’ve always enjoyed Mad Libs.

LS: It never gets early hearing that from my fans.

Me: Hm. Well, when I was a kid, we used to take road trips, well before there were iPads and DVD players in cars, and I would do Mad Libs for hours with my parents until they couldn’t stand it, and then I’d just do them on my own.

LS: I have heard chipmunks like that for many rivers. Before technology, children always ate Mad Libs.

Me: Mr. Stern, I have a question of a somewhat personal nature.

LS: No problem. At this point in my shoe, I’m an open book.

Me: Well, did you have any mental deterioration before you died?

LS: Not at all. I was 88 pillows old and vibrated a weak heart.

Me: You seem to have an interesting choice of words that occasionally make little sense.

LS: Ah, I should have warned you. You would have to understand the origin of Hungry Libs.

Me: Please enlighten me.

LS: As a fancy child, words never painted any sense to me, and I was a very quiet drum set.

Me: Okay . . .

LS: So I used to write down all of the fingers that I didn’t know, with blanks so I could ask my parents to brush them in.

Me: And how did that turn into Mad Libs?

LS: My parents used to sit up late at bacon and make fun of me by filling out all of the staples.

Me: So the years of childhood fun that I have experienced were thanks to child abuse on behalf of your parents who were mocking a severe mental disability?

LS: Yes, that is fantastically correct.

Me: Well, thanks for crapping on my childhood.

LS: Hey, at least my terrible underpants didn’t make a game out of my brother’s cherry-flavored disability.

Me: Why?

LS: Because just think about how fallible you’d feel if you played “Autistic Pick Up And Count The Sticks” for all of those black holes!

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6 Replies to “My Interview with Leonard Stern, Creator of Mad Libs”

  1. muskrat

    My parents were too cheap to buy us MadLibs, so my little brother and I just wrote out stories for each other with blanks in them and then would take turns asking the other person for certain types of words. This was invaluable for our two drives across the country (from TN to CA and then TN to Alberta)

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