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My visit to Waverly Hills Sanatorium for a paranomal investigation

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

I stood there, facing down the long hall leading to the fourth floor operating room.  The four people with me were seated behind me, circling a digital recorder.  The moonlight streaming in from the empty window frames acted as our light source in the otherwise pitch black building.

As I watched, the end of the hallway appeared to grow darker.  The shadows merged into a solitary genderless figure, standing in the center of the hall.  Every hair on my body stood on end as it approached us slowly.

“Do any of you see that?” I asked, looking for verification of what I was seeing.

“Yes, there’s a figure walking right towards us!”

I advanced on the shadowy figure, followed closely behind by my companions.  Within moments, the figure was gone, and the electric feeling in the air had disappeared.  As we walked further, we approached an open door leading to a stairwell, well lit by the moon. Next to the door was a large hole in the wall that allowed the light to come through. Getting closer to the stairs, I was surprised to see the hole darken as the light was completely obscured by something on the other side, yet the stairwell was completely empty.

That was the most significant experience I had of the eight hours I spent, along with 15 other people, overnight at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Considered one of America’s most haunted hospitals, it hosted thousands of the dead during the seventy years that it remained open.

Do I believe in ghosts?  That’s a difficult question.  I believe that there are still elements to our natural world that we do not understand or cannot scientifically explain, which makes them paranormal.  Whether there are remnants of people long dead who draw upon electromagnetic energy to manifest themselves or not is something I don’t know, but I’m also not willing to immediately reject that idea, either.

What I do know is that on Sunday night, I saw a figure, I saw shadows moving from room to room, I watched several areas get blacked out as something passed between them and the light, I heard a clatter of a broom twice in the hall directly next to me where there was nothing, and I saw a flashlight turn itself off and on repeatedly.  However, I also stood alone in an operating room where there were stories of doors shutting and being impossible to open and people being punched by entities, and I verbally dared anyone or anything to approach, with absolutely no effect.

I did capture something on my camera when I took a photo of the figure approaching.  It only showed up once I lightened the photo, and it appears to be a glowing orb.  In most situations, orbs are just dust that refract light from the flash, but this one is farther away than my flash really reached, and it has a certain luminescence in it that makes it interesting.  Is it a ghost?  Is it even paranormal?  I don’t know, but it’s kinda cool.

An orb of some type from Waverly Hills Sanatorium

An orb of some type from Waverly Hills SanatoriumThis was a fantastic experience and one that I would do again in a heartbeat. (Although I probably would not drink 12 double Malibu Rum and Diet Cokes the night before. When the bartender tells you he’s not sure how you’re still standing, it’s probably time to stop.)

Thank you to Heather for setting this up, thanks to the rest of the team at Paranormal Georgia Investigations for putting up with those of us rank amateurs, thanks to Dave for showing me the “wonder” of the MARTA public transportation system, and thanks to Muskrat for driving the 12-hour round trip from Atlanta with less than 18 hours actually spent in Louisville.

Now here’s hoping I can sleep at night, home alone in a dark, quiet house. . .

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32 Replies to “My visit to Waverly Hills Sanatorium for a paranomal investigation”

  1. Amy

    So jealous. Though when it comes to actually doing that stuff myself, I talk a good game but my fear of the dark would make every creak or breeze a pissed off ghost done wrong in their living years ready to exact retribution on anyone… more specifically… me. An overactive imagination and fast of the dark do not a good ghost hunter make.

  2. Jana A

    Oh how fun! And Fa-REEEEEKY! I believe in ghosts or spirits or whatever you want to call them. My blood ran cold just seeing that picture before the caption even. What a cool experience.

  3. Karl

    Very cool. I’m jealous you got to have such a cool, spooky time. I’m skeptical about ghosts, but then I’ve never had an experience like yours. Don’t know if I’d have the guts to try it.

  4. hello haha narf

    i have many orbs on many pictures taken with my digital camera when no flash was used. they also appear too far away to be dust reflecting on anything, especially the way the orbs have such a distinct pattern.

    i would have peed my damn pants if i experienced what you did.

  5. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    I am SO glad that you had a good time and that you came! If we do this again next year, and you are able to come again, we’re on the same team, baby! Everyone in PGI was impressed with you, Dave, and Muskrat. I kept hearing that over and over, that they were impressed that you three were as professional as us! 😀

  6. Sheila

    The ghosts probably wouldn’t go ape shit on you because they thought you were an asshole.

    What the bartender meant was “How can you stand there and pretend you’re a man after drinking so many pussy drinks?”

  7. NYCWD

    That’s a cool photo and it sounds like it was a great time.

    I see the resemblance to the @ symbol, but for some reason it reminds me more of a closeup of a biological cell… which of course makes me wonder if it’s energy from a biological life form from the past. While I’m relatively undecisive on the actual existence of an afterlife (scientifically it seems far fetched, but spiritually the concept is uplifting) I’m all for the possibility.

  8. Robin

    I’m so jealous but then again I don’t really want to go to one of these places at night. I’d prefer the early morning or late afternoon and to take pictures for fun. I can’t find any place that will let me. Stupid rules. This is why I need to move to Europe.

  9. Nenette

    That’s so super cool! I don’t think I’d have the guts to ever do it myself, so I’m glad you did and I can live vicariously through you… like I do many other things you do. (You’ve had a menage a trois, right? Yeah, thought so.)

  10. melanie

    The orb is dust on your lens. I had a camera that would do that all the time because the retractable lens cover was broken and stayed in the open position. The orbs were how I could tell it was time to clean the lens.

  11. Sam {temptingsam

    Duuuude. That’s messed. I love shit like this, but am totally freaked out by it.

    My brother’s house is haunted. He’s had doors open which you have to jam closed; he’s heard his name called in the middle of the night and shuffling of feet in the hallway. He’s lives alone so there’s no way it was anyone else…

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