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Fiction fiction fiction.

Thrice Fiction Issue 2

Some friends put together a fiction magazine called Thrice Fiction. It’s fantastic, with lots of great art and pieces by several great authors, including yours truly. Wait – is it bad for me to call myself a “great” author? Let me try this again – this issue of Thrice Fiction has some amazing pieces of art, and excellent pieces of fiction by great authors, and me, just your regular every day fanfuckingtastic author.

Go download it in e-book or PDF form or buy a print copy now! And, of course, read it.

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8 Replies to “Fiction fiction fiction.”

  1. Expat No. 3699

    I skipped ahead and read your piece; I’ll have to go back and read all the others.

    I thought it was well written and I thoroughly enjoyed it; and it made me think. Why a yellow scarf? Was it symbolic, like a yellow ribbon? Was the protagonist waiting, not for some one to come home, but for some thing to hit home?

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