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My recap: The ABCs of #BlogHer2011

A is for the Ass that Amalah Ate After Absorbing Ample Amounts of Alcohol

Amalah eats the ass of the Sparklecorn unicorn cakeAmalah not at all ashamed of her cake binging

B is for the Beautiful Balcony Bestowing Bodacious Brainwaves and Bountiful Business Blueprints

(or here if the GLMPS embed doesn’t work)

Aaron, Leslie and Lotus

C is for the Clamors of Contentment by Conference Conversations Concerning California’s Climate

The weather in San Diego

D is for the Delirious Dancing by the Digital Denizens and Divas During the Digs, Shin.

E is for the Estrogen, Entertainment and Excitement Emanating from Every Entrance, Exit, and Event

Flinger and Lotus

F is for Fun and Frolicking with Fantastic Friends, Fine Fellows, Fabulous Females and Familiar Fuckers

Amy Bitchin' Wife and Avitable
Photo courtesy of 24 at Heart (

Colleen Vanier and Avitable

Momo Fali and Avitable

Katherine Stone and Avitable

G is for the Glitter. The Great Gaudy Gleaming Gobs of Glitzy Glitter Gathering on Gyrating Guests and my Great Goofy Guise and Gay Grimace Gunking up the (photo)Graphs.

Avitable in his glitter shirt for BlogHer 2011 Sparklecorn

Alli Worthington and Avitable

Sweetney and Charlie and Avitable

Kristen Chase and  Avitable

Busy Dad Jim Lin and Avitable

Tanis and Avitable

Zdub and Avitable

Terra and Avitable

Megan Jordan and Avitable

Mr Lady and Avitable

H is for the Homosexual Harrison who Happened to Hop around the Hall

Milk Mustache Harrison Ford Looks Gay

I is for the Idiocy Illustrated by the Indication that the next Iteration is on the Island (of Manhattan)

Blogher 2012

J is for Juggling Jam-sessions and Journeys to other Joints all in one Juncture. Also, for Jews and Jesus.

K is for Karma Keenly Kicking me in the Keister after Kopious Konsumption

Hungover Avitable

L is for the Love and Legendary Laughs between Loyal and Loquacious Living souls

Miss and Nicole with Avitable and the Twizzler Golden Gate Bridge

Sweet and Salty Kate and Avitable

Jurgen Nation Stacy and Avitable

M is for Me being a Magical and Masterful and Magnificent Mortal to My Many Marveling Mooning Minions

N is for the Nights of Nonsense, Noshing, and Nightcaps.

Nights out drinking

O is for the Outspoken Ordinary Oxygen-breathing Organisms who Orated their Original Odes

Voices of the Year Community Keynote, BlogHer 2011
Image: Asher-Sears Photography

P is for the Pioneer Woman Pleasantly Providing Provisions and Pleasantries at a Petite Private Party and Perhaps Partaking in Profanity

Ree Drummond, Momo Fali and Avitable

Katherine Stone and Ree Drummond

Q is for the Questions about whether or not I’m Queer

Pedicured feet

R is for Resonating a Resurgence to Read what others Record

S is for Suebob’s Scarlet Stapler and the Silly Sexual Stance by my Stout Swollen Self

Suebob's Red Stapler and Avitable

T is for The Tantalizingly Tasty Treats Throughout Town

Lobster Omelet from Huapangos
Lobster Omelet from Huapangos
Fish and Chips from Sally's Seafood On The Water
Fish and Chips from Sally's Seafood On The Water

U is for the Unicorns

Sparklecorn 2011 Unicorn Cake by Charm City Cakes

V is for the Visual Vagina View in the Vicinity of every Vestibule

Marriott San Diego Exit Map looks like a vagina

W is for the Wistful Wishing that the Weekend Would not Wrap-up

XYZ is for the spit-take when I got my final hotel bill

Marriott San Diego Hotel Bill

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68 Replies to “My recap: The ABCs of #BlogHer2011”

  1. Deborah

    The glitter, the glitter!! Still in my suitcase. And maybe my hair.

    Good thing that was your hotel bill and not ours–I would have had to take M to the ER with a balance due like that.

  2. Bitchin' Amy

    You are such a whore! I mean that in the best way possible….

    And how is it that Suzanne’s picture of us is not included, because you look devastatingly handsome in that photo, I must say.

    Great recap. I’m going to model mine after this. Just the pics, people!

        • Columbiarose

          @Lilith, Someday try to go to New Orleans for the week leading up to Labor Day weekend for Southern Decadence. It’s not about debauchery. It’s about being free to be yourself. Glitter, fairy wings, muscles, pride and laughter abound—and make Adam look pretty tame. It’s great fun to see people enjoy themselves, and be themselves. It’s ok to laugh about it.

    • Avitable

      @Lilith, where was the joke? There were actually questions about whether or not I was gay. And I was at a party called “Queerosphere” at BlogHer, so the word queer is not verboten, either. Please be so kind as elaborate, you stupid twat.

      • Lilith

        @Avitable, wasn’t talking about the ‘queer’ comment. Almost EVERYONE was at the Queerosphere. (Although following that line with a pedicure photo is a little stereotypical and cliche.)

        I was mainly referring to the “gay grimace” and the “homosexual Harrison Ford”. Just… not funny. And not cool coming from someone who claims to NOT be gay.

        @Columbiarose, no idea what you’re comment about NOLA has to do with my not finding Avitable funny. Think you missed the point of what I was saying.

        @Sheila, not making anything “about me”.

        Just wanted to throw in one honest, non-praising/non-asskissing comment to the gross lovefest that was happening here. If everyone else actually really adores this guy’s ridiculous excuse for ‘humor’, go for, enjoy, but I’m just fucking sick of it and this was my breaking point.

        Now I will go back to NOT reading this blog, which is usually what I do.

        • Avitable

          @Lilith, actually, “gay” grimace was referring to the other definition of gay as in gaiety – I was doing alliteration and I’m not sure why anyone would think that the look on my face was homosexual. And Harrison Ford was sporting a stereotypical homosexual look, exacerbated by the suggestive milk mustache.

          So, in essence, you saw the post and tried to find something to complain about, even if it meant grasping at straws. I’m about as far from a gay-basher as one can go. I love the gays with my entire body, except my mouth and my butt.

          Please never come back, or at least grow a sense of humor and remove the stick from your ass first, if you do.

          • Lilith

            @Avitable, oh it was a ‘stereotypical homosexual look’? Gotcha! That totally makes it fucking HILARIOUS. I could ‘try’ to find something offensive about every single one of your posts and I think I would succeed but I didn’t have to ‘try’ here. I got here by accident and didn’t feel like biting my tongue. I know I’m not the only BlogHer person who finds your personality utterly repulsive … so I just thought I’d represent my peeps. I have a sense of humor, it’s just that the people I find funny don’t need to stoop to reinforcing gay stereotypes for a cheap laugh. You might not be a gay-basher, but that doesn’t mean that your gay jokes are funny. (And let’s also not pretend that this is the only gay joke you’ve ever made. I could easily go back and find you more, but that would require spending even more time here and that’s time that I will just never be able to get back.)

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