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My comedy show – LaughFL in Orlando

On Thursday, September 22nd, I (along with a partner, Tom Ferme), under the umbrella of our newly formed LaughFL (give us a “Like” on Facebook?), created, produced, promoted, and hosted a comedy show at a venue called The Abbey in downtown Orlando.

LaughFL Comedy Showcase in Orlando at The Abbey

In order to showcase the type of audience and talent that existed in the Orlando area, we put on the show for free. Attendance was free, all the comedians were paid out of our own pocket, and we viewed all marketing, insurance, and other incidentals as an investment into promoting local comedy. The Friday before the show, almost a thousand tickets were passed out throughout downtown Orlando. And we were fortunate enough to have Jersey, the Haitian Sensation, one of our headlining comedians, appear on Fox 35 to talk about the show:

LaughFL Comedy Showcase:

The turnout was fantastic – I think that the final tally was almost 90 people. It was a success for The Abbey just on the sheer amount of alcohol sales they made. It was a success for the comedians (I think). And I know it was a success for me. I learned a few things for the next time, but I’m excited to do it again.

Thank you to the following comedians, who are the reason for the success of the LaughFL show, and if you don’t follow them on Twitter, you should:

Pedro Lima
Clay Robertson
Danny Davenport
Nick Pupo
Josh Daws
Will Hagaman
Nita Alexander

Jersey the Haitian Sensation
Jersey the Haitian Sensation
Pedro Lima, the Rican Gorilla
Pedro Lima, the Rican Gorilla
Me with Marie and Grace, from Tijuana Flats
Me with Marie and Grace, from Tijuana Flats
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  1. Latchkeymatt

    Seriously, a huge congrats to you. Way to take a huge leap of faith and pursue something cool for Central Florida. Here’s to a long successful venture for you.

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