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Making sense of the universe

Today’s a day that I’ve written about twice before. Today is a day that’s very personal for someone who’s very important to anyone who has the pleasure of knowing her.

Tanis, even after knowing you for the last three years, after our ups and downs as friends, there is one thing that always stands out to me. It’s not your stubbornness or your intelligence. It’s not your vicious sarcasm or the times that you have a crack in your armor and your humanity, insecurities, and fears show through. It’s your heart. Only one in a million people on Earth would go through the tragedy of losing a son, a disabled one as well, and take all the love that you had and find another disabled child who needed the love, attention, care, and the safety of a loving home. It’s not the first time that someone has lost a child, and it won’t be the last, but it’s the way that you and your family dealt with it that makes it such an example of what love truly is.

If everyone could heal and focus their grief, rage, frustration, confusion, and sense of loss into the channels you did, I think it is obvious that we’d live in a better place. There will never be a reason that Shale left you, but the fact that Knox was born on the day that he left means, to me, that there is some greater order to the universe that none of us are meant to understand.

Happy birthday, Knox.

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